Day two in Edinburgh

The next morning we had to be up and out of the hotel by 9am. Seeing as how we didn’t end our ghost tour until close to one it was strugglecity and our hotel room. I set my alarm for 8:30 and then hit snooze once, finally waking up at 8:45am. Our group hopped on the bus and we were supposed to be at Edinburgh Castle in five minutes. Our bus driver hated us so we took us on a “detour” which really means we drove the opposite direction for 10 minutes then turned around and drove in the correct direction for 15 minutes dropping us off 15 minutes away from the castle. Dear bus driver….we all hate you.

At 10:30am we met at the castle to get our tickets. We were then free to roam just like the day before, but a guided tour was being held at 10:45 so I hopped in this group. It was extremely interesting to hear all about the history of the castle and what has gone on their. The oldest building in Edinburgh stands there, it is the chapel at the top of the castle. The chapel had beautiful stained glass windows and it was extremely small. Our guide said some people can still get married in the chapel but at max capacity it fits only 25 people. I think that may be to small a chapel for my family. Anyways I think everyone from Loyola had the whiskey tour on their minds for after the castle because as soon as we walked in almost our entire group was there. We paid 9.50 (which also gets reimbursed!) this included a short ride and whiskey tasting. The ride was just like at Disney and while we were on it we learned all about how to make whiskey. After the ride was over we got off and went into a room to learn how the whiskey is fermented. Once we were through with that we went into a tasting room. Here we learned about all the different regions of Scotland and what kind of whiskey comes from each region. Once we had learned about all the different regions we got to pick which whiskey we wanted to taste. I chose the whiskey made in the Highlands because it was supposed to be sweeter, it tasted horrible and my throat burned for hours. The best part about the tour was the fact that we got to keep our tasting glass.

After we got our whiskey fix we went to a cute little café for lunch. The people of the UK love their mayo. Granted I like mayo too, but this is to an extreme. For lunch I got a chicken delight which is chicken salad with tomatoes and lettuce on a wrap, pressed in the Panini press. IT WAS DELICIOUS!! Everyone else enjoyed their lunch as well and once we were full we set out to shop for souvenirs. I have decided to buy a Christmas ornament in every country I visit, so I knew the Christmas shop was the first stop I wanted to make. I also bought myself a pair of earrings, they are sliver but have a lot of like sparkles so it’s a little flashy. At 5:30pm we ventured back to the bus to make our way back to Newcastle. It was a long day and weekend and I was happy to be back on the bus able to take a nap. I really enjoyed my time in Scotland and can’t wait to go back another time!!


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