the gym…a foreign place

Back at Loyola I contemplate going to the gym on a regular basis. I just never seem to make it there. I have all the right intentions of going, but always make excuses of why I can’t go when it all comes down to it. Knowing the amount that I like to bake (read: and eat) at school this is not a habit I can go without. So like I said last week, I joined a gym.

I took the plunge and fully committed. Knowing that I put my hard-earned money into it means I need to go as much as possible. I am currently shooting for three days a week even though I would love to make it five times a week. Traveling on the weekends makes that wish a little hard. At the gym I usually spend the majority of time on the treadmill running strutting my stuff. I get bored fairly easily and the fact that the treadmills face a mirror and not a TV is no help what so ever. So recently I have been uploading an episode of a show on my iPod and when the show is done, I finish up my running. As well I found a treadmill work out that Julie posted on her workout page. I took this workout and modified it to something that I could do.


That picture is Julie’s version of the workout, I started out with that, but soon realized I wasn’t in enough shape to keep it up. Instead I modified it so that on the slowly pace I was running 5 and at the faster pace I started with 6 and ended with 8. This seemed to work really well for me and I felt great when I finished. It ended up being a little under 2 miles (I think 1.95). If I had run it at a faster pace more mileage would have been covered. I look forward to running this workout again and hopefully being able to do it at that speed. As well as the treadmill workout I ventured over to the ergs and decided to try it out. I have always wanted to try them and guess what I fell in love. I really enjoy it, I have been putting the resistance at the highest it goes and working my muscles until they are fatigued.

I am proud to say that the gym is no longer a foreign place to me. Hopefully it can stay this away once I am back at Loyola. Check back in to see how Edinburgh was. I finally got to leave England!!!


2 thoughts on “the gym…a foreign place

  1. I am returning to the gym 5 days a week and doing 3+ miles on the bike in 20 min. I’m hoping to hit 4 mi. in 20 min. sometime during the winter and intend to clean off my treadmill so I can walk on that when it’s icey and too snowy to walk outside. I’ve found that if I don’t go to the gym, I gain weight!!!! That, I don’t need! Good Luck with your schedule and the gym!!!!! Love ya – have fun!!!!! XXXXX00000

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