fifteen facts friday

1. I bought this fabuloussss new nail polish and I am in love! I cannot walk into a store without buying (or falling madly in love) with a new color of nail polish…its becoming quite the issue. If my hands weren’t currently ghostly white the color would look even better on my hands, but I will survive.

2. The money in this country is redonc. Seriously, they have so many flipping coins and I seem to collect them like it is my job. The other day I emptied my wristlet and found 17.42….IN CHANGE. Holy smokes!! Instead of having single pounds in bills (or notes as they call them here) they give you a coin. Same with two pounds (except 2 dollars aren’t really popular bills at home either).

3. I joined a gym the other day and am enjoying my gym time. I am going to try to go four times a week (I would love 5 but  I am not sure I have enough time). I just need to work out a solid schedule so I can get ample gym time in. Pros: free classes, cheap, all my friends are members too, a women only section. Cons: the treadmills face a mirror…and no TV, it’s about a 15 minute walk away (is that really a con though), not a ton of machines so sometimes everything is full. All in all I am so far pleased with the gym. They have a spin class and Body Pump that I really want to try out!

4. We are going to Edinburgh tomorrow bright and early and I am pumped.

5. Currently my favorite song is 

6. I attempted to make corn chowder the other day and it turned out okay, the potatoes weren’t cooked completely so next time they need to cook longer!

7. Within the next two months I will visit 5 different countries: Scotland, Ireland, France, Spain, and Belgium.

8. I have to register for classes in the spring next week and I just started classes two weeks ago here.

9. I am trying to up my mileage at the gym (read: slowly)

10.When I am bored I continually make to do lists and goals.

11. Every Wednesday is 2 for 1 movie tickets because of our phone provider, we saw the lion king 3d last week.

12.I have an essay due next week that isn’t being graded, but they refuse to grade our second essay if we don’t hand in our first.

13.I joined a Disney society here and so far there has been one event and it was a Disney quiz.

14.I miss my roommates from home (aka Liz and Annie)…I see to much of Erin 😉

15.It is going to be really sad when I have to leave my four fabulous roommates 😦


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