Tiger Tiger Wednesdays

The drinking scene here in Newcastle is a lot different then back at home. Yes students go out on the week days at home, but that is just because they are stupid. Here you don’t go out on the weekends. All of the locals, or Geordies as they are called, go out on Fridays and Saturdays. These are townies and they are weird…end of story. So for this reason only Newcastle University runs the night life during the week. Most people go out Monday-Friday. My love of sleep doesn’t like this so I tend to go out two maybe three nights a week, but that is stretching it, just ask Jenn or Taylor. As I skyped with my parents last Monday, they found it interesting that I was going out on a Monday night, but it is totally the norm here. Wednesdays are sports nights, this basically means all the sports teams go on a HUGE pub crawl starting at 5pm and all end up at Tiger Tiger towards the end of the night. They are sloppy and its beyond annoying, but Tiger Tiger is a lot of fun. So this past Wednesday we ventured into Tiger Tiger while it was still fairly empty. Soon we found sumo wrestling, a bouncy house, and fireworks (I left before those went off).

Jenn and I decide we would sumo wrestle. After having sumo wrestled Erin at Loyolapalooza freshman year I knew what I was in for and didn’t let Jenn know what my secret was going to be. It worked in my favor and I came out on top…SORRY JENN!! While we were waiting to sumo some kid accidentally kicked me though and now I have a burn on the side of my leg. I say burn because it feels just like a turf burn…I have no idea what he was wearing on his feet, but I think he needs new shoes. I had a video also, but it won’t let me upload it and I don’t want to pay…sorry peeps. It will be on the good ole facebook at some point though so you can hop over there witness my wonderful sumo skills.

I tried to get in the bouncy house, to relive my days at DBCR (just kidding) but the line was to long and I am to impatient to wait. As soon as I heard there was a bouncy house all I could think of was this thing is going to follow me around for the rest of my life. After 5 years of continuously blowing up that damn bouncy house…I am over it.




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