Day Hike

Our second day in the Lakes District was spent on a morning hike. The leaders asked us to split up into groups, a fast group and a slow group. I knew I could keep up with the fast group if I wanted, but I decided I wanted this hike to be more scenic. I am so happy with the group I stuck with. We took breaks when we wanted, took lots of photos, and our hike was full of conversation instead of uneven hard breathing. We hiked up one side of a mountain and down the other. There are sheep everywhere here. When I say everywhere I really mean everywhere. It reminds me of when we were in Alaska and saw all the mountain goats/sheep because that is what they are like here. We had some chances to get fairly close to the sheep, but if you go to close they just ran away. It would have been interesting to touch one. 

When we made it to the top there was a gorgeous view. We could see so much and it was just beautiful. There was another group that had made it to the top before us so we got a big group picture. From the top we could even see James Bond’s house which I thought was neat. Before we were ready to leave we noticed the rain coming in. It is cool to be up that high and literally watch the rain travel towards you. It only rained for about 10 minutes on our way down so it wasn’t to bad. All in all I really enjoyed the hike and didn’t feel like I was dying while hiking, it was a nice feeling. As soon as we ate lunch we headed back to Newcastle for another week of class.

The countdown to Cork begins, only 12 days!! GET READY SIOBHAN BECAUSE HERE I COME 🙂


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