Ropes Course and Ghyll Scrambling

We arrived Friday night around 8pm bored out of our minds. We got our rooming assignments, dropped our stuff off and were already looking for something to do. We knew there would be an open bar at 9pm and god knows the people in my program need to have their drinks (its actually a little pathetic at times).  I was completely content to munch away on the pringles I bought to bring as a snack with my water. A little while later I convinced Amy (our program leader) that we need to play a game. She suggested man hunt and I was sold. After rounding up the troops the hounds split up and started the game. Unfortunately some people quickly went back inside because they are poor sports and didn’t want to play. A horrible night of sleep later we were ready for our first day in the lakes district.

Day one consisted of a morning ropes course and an afternoon ghyll scramble. I am going to put a video of ghyll scrambling in at the bottom because its a little hard to explain, and just by watching the video you will know exactly what I did. It is actually on the list of 100 things to do before you die so wahoooo, one thing checked off the list.

This ropes course wasn’t like the Go Ape ropes course. Instead this ropes course reminded me of the ropes course at camp, basically a bunch of little elements and nothing to extreme. I believe we did 5 elements in the span of a couple of hours. Each was really fun and I enjoyed myself a lot. They asked us to split up into groups at the beginning and I moved over to start a group. All of my friends joined me as well, they told us we had to be in a group of eight and their ended up being nine of us. I decided instead of having that awkward no one wants to leave…blahh blahh blahh…I would just go with another group. It was a little bit of a bummer not getting to do the elements with my friends, but the group I ended up in was fantastic in its own. There was only one element that I didn’t complete fully. It was a post that you had to climb and then stand on the top, jump and try to touch the ball. When I got to the top, as I started to place my second foot it slipped and I fell off to end up suspended in the ground. Other than that I completed everything and it was great.

The afternoon was spent ghyll scrambling. In the best terms I can use, we got in big suits and floated down a river/continuous waterfall. It wasn’t a river so much, but it kind of was. Most of the time we were walking down it, but there were some points where we sat or laid down and let the water take us through the course. There were also a couple of jumps off of  “cliffs” into the water. I am so happy I ended up doing this and I took every chance to do something different (except at the last element because I didn’t think I could fit through). At one point we could either slide facing forward or we could go on our backs. I went on my back and it was really awesome. There are no other words to describe it, you just had to experience it.

I will have a post on our second day in the lakes district later this week! Keep your eyes open.


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