One Month

That is how long I have been in England for. It seems completely unreal that I have lived in another country for that long. In one short month I have done so much. I have seen castle, after castle, after castle. I went to London for a weekend. I visited Shakespeare’s birth place. I attended LOTS of freshers week activities. I have made so many new friends! I finally have my own room (at least for the next two months that is)! I have adapted to the English culture…or at least attempted to. I have gone back to the stone age with no wireless internet and a pay as you go phone (even though that wasn’t to long ago that I had one). All in all this month has been full of amazing things. It seems impossible that all was done in a short month, but it was. As for the next month of studying abroad I have a lot to look forward to. A trip to Edinburgh, a trip to Cork, a trip to Paris, a trip Barcelona, and hopefully a trip to Belgium (to see my long lost roooooommmmatttteeeee!!!! 🙂 )



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