On Saturday we made a trip to the local city of Durham. It falls just a train stop away in the south so it took no time at all to get there. Because I wasn’t feeling well the day before I skipped on Friday night activities and went to bed early, knowing I would have to leave by 9:35 to get to the train station by 10am. Unfortunately I didn’t have a good night of sleep and still didn’t feel well when I got up. I knew a coffee or hot chocolate was something I needed and there just so happens to be a Starbucks in the train station. I ended up getting a hazelnut hot chocolate and it was so yummy. It is a little bit of a bummer though because Starbucks here doesn’t have the same menu as the Starbucks at home so I really wanted a salted caramel mocha coffee, but it isn’t an option. Anyways on to Durham.

After a 10/15 minute train ride we arrived in Durham. Our first and really only stop of the day was the castle. A ten minute walk away resides a beautiful castle. A part of the castle is actually used as dormitories for the students of Durham University. I can’t even imagine being a student and living in a castle. We gawked at the beautiful architecture of the building before going in and even caused some trouble. The hounds can’t go anywhere in Europe without causing some trouble it seems.

Oh yeah and one of the Harry Potter scenes was also filmed at this castle. It was used as a hallway and also a courtyard per say.

After we had enough Harry Potter reenacting we decided that we would climb to the top of the tower. To the top is a whole 325 steps. Some people sat it out because they weren’t feeling well or were just plain lazy, I was not one of these people. In fact I made it to the top first…and to the bottom first. Don’t worry though Noreen was a close second and Julie followed right behind 😉 As soon as we made it to the top it was misting rain so that was a little bit of a let down, but the view was nice and we literally just stood on the roof (we were enclosed though).

After the castle we decided some of us were hungry. Our wonderful program director Amy said there was reallllllly good pizza at the indoor market so we ventured there and found the pizza place. It was good, and I am glad Amy sent us there. The piece was huge and they end up cutting it in half so you get two pieces. After that we wandered around the outside market before venturing back to the train station and eventually back to Newcastle. Oh yeah and I bought a new pair of gloves, I cannot wait to wear them!!

I also got to enjoy and nice conversation with Robin, Pat, and the kids in Alaska. It was 7pm my time and 10am their time. This whole time difference thing still gets me all the time. I haven’t switched my computer time over because I like to know what time it is at home and I always kinda hate that I have had a whole day when everyone else is just waking up. Still getting used to not having my cell phone too. I mean don’t get me wrong, I love being disconnected for most of the world but its hard when I just wanna send a quick text message to someone or ask them a question and I can’t. At home I could be texted a whole bunch of people, and here I just end up texting the same 5 people all the time. And two of my roommates have Blackberries (or would it be Blackberrys?!) so when they go off I always get excited that I got a message or something only to realize “Oh wait…its not actually my phone”. Oh well, I also like all the advantages of being cut off from people at home. More posts to come on my upcoming travels soon, as well as classes!


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