Fajita Night


OH MY LANTAAAAA. I love me some mexican food when I am at home and didn’t think I would have much of it here. I WAS WRONG! Lauren (she lives the flat below us) decided we should have mexican night. Of course everyone agreed almost immediately.


Lauren and Natalie bought everything needed to prepare the food. Lauren played the role of chef cooking and cutting the night away. Erin also helped cut up a lot of the veggies. I on the other hand prepared the most delicious necessity that comes with mexican food. Get ready for it…..guac! Erin and I bought the ingredients to make guac earlier this week, we were in luck though because Lauren had also so we get to save ours to make another time! Everything turned out delicious in the end. The chicken was a little spicier than I would have liked, but I got over it and ate way to much. There was no food left over after the 7 of use devoured it.


After dinner everyone decided to have some tequila to go along with the night. I do not like hate tequila so I was the photographer! All in all it was a fabulous way to spend our Saturday night and I am glad we all got to hang out together.


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