Freshers Week: Mud Buggies / Quad Biking

Thursday the last day of Freshers Week was a lot of fun. Earlier in the week we wanted to go mud bugging but we didn’t think it would fit in our schedules. On Wednesday we realized Thursday was the last day and it just so happened to fit!! We arrived at this random farm and it was funny to hear the reactions of some of the girls from Loyola. Smelling a farm means nothing to me, but to some it was like they wanted to vomit (sorry for that visual). But I mean really its just a farm, I guess growing up in NY/NJ will do that to you.

Anyways at this farm in one of the fields is where we enjoyed about 2 hours of fun. They split the group of 40 into two. I was in the group that got to go on the Mud Buggies first. Basically mud buggies are just like go carts. Maybe a little different, but not by much. Our instructor, if you will, was telling us how we would get a test run first and then we would go to see who could drive the fastest. We were also told that it would be a competition between the Americans and the British. Apparently they don’t think we know how to drive (that is a whole other story though). During our practice run, most people spun out, I didn’t want to spin out so I took a leisurely stroll to get a feel for the course.

After our practice runs were over we were onto the competition. Erin and I had split up from our group because they needed more people on the side we were on.I was about 6 or 7th in line. By the time it was my turn to go the first person to go was in second, the second person to go was in first, and Erin was in third. I didn’t think I would do well at all. But I put the medal to the metal and went for it. After I finished I hopped out excited as Erin filled me in on how everyone thought I was British. HA. They were cheering me on as I drove thinking the whole time I was on their side, then Erin told them I was American. As I slid out of the mud buggy I was told I was now in second seriously second place that’s amazing! I was quickly pushed out of second into third when a new champion hopped out of his buggy. In the end I ended up in fourth place, which I am happy about. The americans took two spots of the top three and three of the top five. HELLLL YEAHHHH AMERICAAAAA.

Next we were onto quad biking…which is just four wheeling. As they told us how to use it, I almost laughed. Didn’t they know I spent hours upon hours on a four wheeler at Sarah’s house as we were growing up? I was on the first round of 4 wheelers and the girl in front of me was going so slow. I couldn’t handle it, it felt like she was driving 2 miles an hour. They had set up a quiz for us to do while we were riding, but no one actually wanted to do it. We all just wanted to ride around on the 4 wheelers for a while. After all of that we were exhausted and ready to head back to school. Overall it was SOOOOOO fun and I am glad I went. 


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