WIAW: Grub Crawl Edition

As I said in an earlier post, I took full advantage of the opportunity to go from restaurant to restaurant trying free food! So this is a post outlining the food I devoured enjoyed.

Appetizer: My friend and I decided to split our two appetizers so we got a taste of a couple of things so we split, potato skins and garlic cheese bread. IT WAS SO AMAZING!

Dinner: We only got two options for dinner which was a little disappointing, our choices were a burger (read: with no cheese) or a falafel burger. I haven’t enjoyed the burgers here so I decided to try something new. So a falafel burger is what I got and it was good, different, but goooooood.

Dessert: Our option for dessert was a dessert platter to split with the table. Our waitress said that it is usually split between 5-7 people and we had 9 people at our table. It didn’t matter we all enjoyed it and it was delicious. I mean come on who doesn’t love dessert?



2 thoughts on “WIAW: Grub Crawl Edition

  1. Love the food info — however I’m wondering what you think of the first couple of days of classes???? Anyway, I never had a burger in all the time I was in Europe. I kept trying “local” dishes, if I could. Most places we ate (since the others weren’t adventursome) had “continental, american” type dishes. One out of the way place near Monet’s Gardens in France, had delicious French food!!!! Yummy!!!! And all the wine you could drink!!!! After that I was exhausted when we toured for the afternoon!!!

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