Fire Alarms

I hate nothing more than the typical college fire alarms. I think last year was probably the worst (multiple alarms around 2:30/3 am) but everyone has been on campus for almost two weeks and the fire alarm in my building has already gone off 3 times. Yes you read that correctly three times.I hate to admit it, one of the times was because of someone cooking in my apartment. I believe the alarms are so sensitive. It is a little ridiculous. If all of this fire alarm business keeps up I will not be happy.

Tonight I was in the middle of dinner when it went off. I had taken about two bites of my egg and three of my toast. Just my typical breakfast for dinner meal, as three of my flat mates and I were chatting it up it happened. First a flash of the red light and then the noise. You know that horrible fire alarm noise….ugh. It was an accident that it went off, someone on the first floor apparently burned their rice and chicken. The past two times that the alarm has gone off just a school police has come to turn the alarm off. Today was a little different, after about 5 minutes of waiting outside not one, but two fire trucks pulled up. Seems a little ridiculous for a little cooking mishap, but safety comes first. They even had to bring in a fan to get the smoke out of the room.

On a completely different note classes have started. I am taking 5 modules while I am here which is a lot compared to most students. Most students from Loyola are taking 4 classes. Average Newcastle student takes 3 modules a semester and 6 for the full year. That means I am taking one less class in a semester than all my roommates will complete in a year. HOLY SMOKES, it is starting to set in and I am getting a little panicked. All of the reading that I must do and preparing for the end of the semester even though classes started last week.

So far I like most of my teachers. I think I will struggle with one of my business teachers, but I am not to worried about that. Seminar groups are going well also. I only have one seminar that meets every single week. So it will be a nice break. I am a little angry, because I just found out the class I have on Friday isn’t actually happening on the week I have planned to go to Paris so in all reality I could go for three full days instead of just two. But I already bought my plane ticket and it seems a little silly to switch my flight now. Speaking of trips planned, Loyola has planned a lot of trips for us and I am super excited about them. I am currently going to be visiting Cork Ireland, Paris, and Barcelona. I am looking forward to all these trips and everyone that I am going with is really great. What stinks though is the two places I really wanted to go to I can’t because non of their time works with our time. I guess Belgium and Denmark will have to wait until another time 😦 It is also super expensive to get to both places so that puts a damper on this as well. It really stinks because every time I go to buy something I think in my head…oh this is a good price and then I remember to convert it to the dollar. Then the price is outrageous. Oh well, I guess it is just something to remember.

Nothing new is happening other than that; here is a really cute video that has been making its way around facebook. So if you haven’t taken a look at it, look now, and if you are a Nicki Minaj fan…definitely take a look. If only I could be that awesome child. 

Do you have any good YouTube video recommendations?


One thought on “Fire Alarms

  1. hmmm…maybe it would be worth seeing how much it would cost to add a day in Paris to your trip???? there’s just so much to see there, you might later wish you’d looked into it…. Good luck with all your school work!!!! Can you drop any classes, if need be??? or do you need them? thinking of you and sending you lots of great wishes, love, Aunt Robin

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