Freshers Week: Cocktail Training

Erin and I were one of the few lucky people who attended cocktail training twice. The first day we attended we didn’t get any pictures because it was a spur of the moment idea. We thought we had a meeting to go to, but we ended up at the wrong meeting. So instead we made cocktails!

The second time we went we were joined by; Cristina, Taylor, Ty, Jenn, and Jenna. I really enjoyed this time much better. The bartender we had was actually the general manager so he was very friendly and let us try a bunch of different stuff. The Freshers Crew took us to a well-known bar in the UK called Revolution. Revolution is known as the house of vodka because they make their own. Each vodka they make has a specific flavor and it actually tastes just like what it is called. If you were one of the unlucky ones, a chili shot was going your way. THANK GOD I WAS NOT ONE OF THESE PEOPLE. Erin on the other hand…not so lucky. The bartender gave her milk because her mouth was on fire…and then she broke out in a rash haha. Okay not funny, but she randomly broke out in this rash, but she didn’t think she was allergic to chilis.

Anyways we started the hour off with a free shot of bubble gum vodka…which tasted just like bubble gum. Our bartender then showed us how to make a Strawberry Woo Woo (which is what Erin made the first time), a Raspberry Mojito (which is what I made the first time), and a Cosmopolitan for all of us to try. I believe there were about 25 of us in the group. Each time he made a drink he made two so the group could split the two. After he was done showing us how to do things it was our turn. We got to pick what we wanted to make and then we got to make it.

Up first were Cristina and Jenna and they made “The Pineapple”. Cristina ended up making a mistake along the way and she ended up having to have a chili shot. Jenna being Jenna just wanted to try the chili shot so they both ended up with one.

Erin and I decided we would go next. We wanted to make “Purple Rain”. I do not at all remember what was in the drink, but I do remember I didn’t spill anything, therefore I did not have to take a chili shot. That is probably the most important part.

After Erin and I, came Taylor and Jenn. I can’t remember what they made, but neither of them ended up having to take a chili shot so props the them! Ty was the last out of our group to go and she made something called a Russian Bride. It basically is a white russian with an extra ingredient, but I can’t remember what it was.

For a grand finale the bartender lined up enough glasses for all of us. He then put shot glasses on the top in the middle of each. He asked for two volunteers and naturally Jenna’s hand was one of the first in the air. Jenna and Cristina had to each tap a different side of the shot glasses. Each shot glass fell into a normal glass (which had some lemonade in it) and it just looked really cool. Each of us got a glass with our last drink of the day. I had a lemonade with fruit salad shot in it. YUM.

In the end cocktail training was a lot of fun and I am glad that I got to do it (twice)! I believe having done cocktail training twice may have even paid for my bracelet alone and it definitely was not the only thing I did last week.



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