Freshers Week: Go Ape

Last Monday I conquered a fear of mine…heights. It is weird because I was never afraid of heights growing up and I am not totally afraid. I signed up for a high ropes course to attend the first day of Freshers Week. I knew I would be super shaky on the elements, but knew it was something I would totally enjoy.

The course was split into 5 sections. Each section got a little higher and a little longer. On the first section I was totally comfortable and not a fear in sight. As I moved to the second section hooking myself to the ladder was what started my nerves. As I climbed the ladder I continued to feel like I was going to pee myself. Good news though, I did not pee my pants and made it safely to the ground.

On two out of the five courses there were elements called Tarzan swings. It is exactly what it sounds like…we fly (or glide) through the air like Tarzan except instead of gracefully landing on a branch like he would we gracefully land in a net.

At the end of each element there was a zip line, the landing on these zip lines is a little sketchy. To land on your feet you had to start running mid air extremely early. If you were facing backwards when you came to the end that was bad news and unfortunately I ended that way multiple times. It almost felt like a meteor hitting the ground or that is what I assume a meteor hitting the ground feels like.

I really enjoyed going to Go Ape and I am excited to go on more high ropes courses. I realized once I am in the air I am fine, it is getting there that freaks me out a little. In October we are going on a weekend trip to the Lakes District and there we will be attending a high ropes course.

PS CLASSES START TODAY…not sure if I should be excited or nervous because I haven’t been in a class room in forever.


3 thoughts on “Freshers Week: Go Ape

  1. Wish I could do that!!!!!!!!! If I had “real” knees, I think I would!!!! The pix are terrific….you are sooooo brave!!!!

  2. Yikes!!!! Just read all your blog entries – soooooo happy you’re having such a great time and meeting so many great people!!!! Yea!!!!!!!! And by the way, you look fabulous!!!! Good luck with the running – I have faint hopes of getting back into running some day, if only my knees will let me do it….

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