Freshers Week

Basically Newcastle University is the best school ever. NO JOKE. I am not just saying that because in our student center there are 5 bars and a bajillion computers and a Starbucks (I even accidentally stumbled upon it). No it is because of this beautiful thing called Freshers Week.

This week is specifically designed for freshman to get used to the school while meeting new people and enjoying fun things around Newcastle. To participate in Freshers Week you need to buy a bracelet. Yes I bought one and I am mildly ashamed at how much I spent on it. And then I started going to the events and realized it was completely worth it. The school has a plethora of activities during the day and then night activities as well. At the same time there are actually class/school meetings to go to.

So my friends and I decided what we wanted to do and when it would work best with our schedules. With to many things to do and not enough time I had to pick which things I wanted to do the most. This is what our week has looked like; Full Moon Party, Go Ape, Rubix Cube Party, lots of meetings and activities/clubs fair, cocktail training, grub crawl, lots of meetings, Cocktail Training (again..seriously it was fun), Mud Buggies/quadbiking, Jungle Party.

Freshers Week has officially come to an end. Sunday-Thursday was the days activities were held on and I assume the school now wants everyone to get ready for school on Monday. It is still totally shocking to me that I haven’t started school yet. Some people are having midterms, its parents weekend, fall weekend is coming up and I haven’t even had my first day of junior year yet.

I have broken up my posts into the most important activities that I went on and they shall appear in the very near future. Enjoy!!


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