I love my flat mates…fair and square. They are so cute and so nice, I mean you can tell they are younger than us, but it makes no difference because of how social they are. I was very nervous we would be placed with someone really weird and not social. Everyone is so social, during most times of the day we can all be found in our living room chatting away.

They have already introduced us to new foods and new sayings. It is funny because sometimes I will find myself speaking words in their different accents. Which by the way is super funny. They each have a different accent and it is so interesting to see what accent goes with which part of each country. Which is the same in our country, but here it just seems so much more real.

Two of our roommates are from England, one from Northern Ireland, and one from the Isle of Mann. They are each amazing and they keep asking us not to leave in December. It breaks my heart a little because what if when Erin and I leave they get horrible roommates.

I don’t really know what else I want to say about them they are just great!!




  1. My great grandmother, Bridget (Delia) Devlin Lawler, came from Tyrone in the North of Ireland!!!!! All the others came from the south. My great grandfather, Daniel Francis Lawler, met her here in New Haven and they were married at St. Francis Church…same as Poppy and I (or is it me???) and my grandparents. Altho my parents were married at St. Joseph’s. Have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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