travel days


Last Sunday, well now I guess it was two Sundays ago we travelled from London back to Newcastle while making one stop. This stop was a stop at the birthplace of William Shakespeare. I am unfortunately not the HUGEST fan of Shakespeare, maybe it is because I didn’t read it enough in high school or maybe it is because my lit teacher was obsessed…literally she was obsessed with him. She focused on Shakespearean work for her doctrat…weirdo in my opinion…but to each his own.


As we wandered around the town we walked to the river that the town was situated on and in the end my friend Jenna ended up buying a butter beer (Harry Potter anyone?). I had to drag her out of the store though before she bought a wand for 23 pounds. Seriously, who would spend 45 dollars on a wand that you could easily make yourself. Just ask all the children at DBCR about my wand. I found it on the ground and turned it into the best wand ever.


The one thing I found interesting was the house that Shakespeare grew up in. Each individual room was small, but the house was long. It seemed to just keep going, but each room was tiny within itself. After we wandered through the house we found a cute little restaurant to eat lunch in. I have another WIAW post ready with a picture of my lunch but it was so good. I got an iced frappuccino and a strawberry crepe. YUMMMMM


Here are some pictures of our stop in Shakespeare’s birth town! ENJOY AND I WILL BE BACK SOON WITH ANOTHER POST!


2 thoughts on “travel days

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  2. I remember Stratford upon Avon. Good times. I do love Shakespeare though, I had the privilege of having my best friend’s mother as our drama teacher and we did Summer Shakespeare in the park. She taught us a true appreciation of the work, but also making it modern.

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