London Day 3!!

Another early day was in store for us last Saturday. We awoke to a continental breakfast at the hotel. It was your typical hotel breakfast; eggs, bacon, sausage, cereal, fruit, and toast. I made sure to take advantage of the fruit and stole a couple of apples for a snack later on. After breakfast we hopped on the metro again and were headed to a guided tour of the House of Parliament. Of course while we were there everyone had to get a picture with BIG BEN. Funny story though, BIG BEN isn’t actually the name of the clock, it’s the name of the sound the clock makes when it strikes the hour.

While we waited in line many pictures were taken and an HUGE accident occurred. As Erin attempted to get in the back of someone’s picture she smacked my camera out of my hand sailing hard to the ground. When it hit, the lens broke…have no fear I fixed it and everything is good. After our hour-long tour we then had the rest of the day to our self. My group decided we would hit up Westminster Abbey (William and Kate were married there), Harrods, and then Kensington Palace. Harrods was totally unreal. IT WAS HUGE!!!!!! We walked to the food area just to see what it was like, but quickly had to leave because everything looked so good. At the end of the day I had originally asked my group if I could drag them to Kings Cross (platform 9 3/4 anyone?). I changed my mind because I thought there might be a long line and didn’t feel like waiting in it because I was exhausted.

As a larger group we all decided to spend our last night in London out on the town. After getting on the wrong train thanks to some guy, half our group arrived a half hour later than everyone else. Tiger Tiger was staring us in the face as we stepped off the metro. We ventured into Piccadilly Circus and there were people everywhere. After paying a small fortune (that I semi regret) to get in we were in awe of the club. This club has other venues around England and there is actually a smaller version in Newcastle about a 10 minute walk from my flat (we haven’t gone yet). Four floors with different themes awaited us all. As we be-bopped from floor to floor it was funny to see so many people dressed up for different parties. I saw some birthday parties, some bachelorette parties, some bachelor parties, and I am sure so much more as well. I wanted to leave in time to make it for a metro so I wouldn’t have to pay to get home, but that didn’t happen, which I ended up being okay with because we still made it home at a decent hour.

That concluded our actual weekend in London, the next day was spend traveling but with a site-seeing stop half way to Newcastle. So a post on that will be coming soon as well as a post on, some Newcastle stuff, Alnwick Castle (Harry Potter castle) and some others!!


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