London Day 2

We awoke early on our second day in London. Our group had purchased London Passes which gave us a free entrance into many places. Our group leaders believed the passes worked with all transportation, but they were wrong. We ended up having to buy all our metro tickets and then when we got back we were reimbursed. So after we got all of our transportation situated we finally made it into London. Where we ran into another issue. We didn’t have the actual tickets for our bus tour. The issue was resolved and we were on our own for the day. Our day ended up looking a little like this: changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace, hop on the bus and ride to St. Paul’s Cathedral, St. Paul’s Cathedral, hop on the bus to the Tower of London, Tower bridge and Tower of London, hop on boat tour of the river (which came free with our bus tour) and ended near the House of Parliament. Everything was absolutely amazing, there is just so much history it almost seems unreal. I always find it very funny (and seem to forget) that the history of England goes back SO much farther than the history of the United States.

Day two of London will hopefully come sometime tomorrow, if not tomorrow definitely Sunday. Actually I shouldn’t make promises who knows what will be going on then. It will be posted at some point. And most of these recap posts will have lots of pictures and not a lot of words.



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