Time to Rewind

Hellllllo bloggiessss!! So I have basically been MIA for weeks…okay maybe not weeks, but it feels that way. I really hate when I get off track with reading everyone’s blogs because I feel so behind and end up not having time to read all that I want to. Anyways, I am going to back track..rewind if you will to last Thursday/Friday.

Last Thursday we awoke bright and early to catch a bus to London. I think if any of us had our way we wouldn’t have gotten on that bus for another three hours as most of us enjoyed one of our first nights out at a local Newcastle club. Brings me back to Baltimore…just a little bit.

So bright and early at 8 am we boarded the bus. We had about a three-hour bus ride until we reached our first stop The Chatsworth House. If anyone is familiar with Pride and Prejudice this house was feature in the movie. It was the house of Mr. Darcy. If anyone from high school is reading this I hope you understand the excitement that went through my head when I heard the name Mr. Darcy. The house was also featured in the movie The Dutchess if you have ever seen that. While at the house we took a tour, visited the cascading water, the pond, and the kitchen garden. Everything was just beautiful. So for your viewing purposes I have some of the pictures (not even close to all of them…I am working on a page where I can upload more so you don’t get bombarded with pictures on every post).

After we arrived in London (we actually stayed in Chelsea) we wandered around looking for somewhere to eat dinner. We ended up finding a cute little pub called Brogen’s and hopped in for a bite. We made it just as the kitchen was closing but they still served us which was really nice. I sat at a table with 7 other people. Usually you go to the bar to order, but a waiter came to our table because it was such a big group. The kitchen actually ended up loosing my order and never cooked it by the time all of my table mates dinner had arrived. They ended up giving me my dinner for free which was really nice, and I only ordered water so I didn’t end up having to pay for anything…it was marveloussss. And right now I just decided I was not going to write about Friday because I didn’t want this post to be a million pages long…because lets face it…thats so flipping boring to read. So instead you have Thursday our travel day and soon you will have Friday. There also is about a million pictures from Friday so I wanted to save it for one post!!


2 thoughts on “Time to Rewind

  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! LOVED P&P – read it before I went to SMHS & saw the tv movie!!! Beautiful pix—soooo much to see in this world and not enough time or $$$$!!!! Luv ya, XXXXXX000000

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