A mini vacation

The past three days have been like a mini vacation except the most stressful vacation anyone could imagine. Okay maybe not the most stressful, but still. What was Loyola/Newcastle thinking when they planned to ship us off to London for three days the day after we got to Newcastle. That was mistake number one.

Mistake number two – London Passes. In all reality these things are amazing…expensive, but amazing. Our leaders believed our London passes could be used for public transportation (aka the only way we would be getting around). They were wrong, oh boy was it a hassle. Instead each day we had to buy a metro day pass and we are going to get reimbursed which I guess (okay I know) it is a plus.

Mistake number three- Not getting enough sleep. I know that is my when I am at my crankiest and a couple of points in the weekend I got super cranky. At least I was not the only cranky one at some points…ahemm Erin when she was hungry. I guess its good we are roommates, I get cranky when I don’t get sleep and she gets cranky when she gets hungry.

Other than that London was awesome and I will have some more posts about that trip, but right now I have no time and need to get some groceries. PS if you missed it at all I have had some amazing guest posters and you should check out their posts.


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