By Car, By Plane, By Bus

In the past three days I have used all of those forms of transportation. On Monday I left CT around 3pm to hopefully beat/not sit in traffic. My parents and I ended up sitting in about 20-30 minutes of traffic so it wasn’t all that bad. As we drove through NY over the George Washington Bridge when I first went to school we saw a man sitting on the bridge with a cat on a leash. My mom joked about how funny it would be if we saw this man again. Well guess what we did! I couldn’t believe it, I mean really how many people leash up their cats? Anywhooo we arrived at the airport a half hour early from what our director told us to do. Which really meant I could have arrived two hours later because baggage check and security were a breeze. It literally took no time what so ever. I said goodbye to my parents and proceeded to my plane.

Because we were all so early, we all awkwardly introduced ourselves to each other we were all bored out of our minds sitting in the airport for 3+ hours. We were welcomed by a blanket, pillow, and headphones. I got really excited and accidently sat on the headphones and they broke. But the tv in front of my seat quickly turned my sad face upside down. And about 5 minutes later my frown appeared again. It appeared as the WHOLE row in front of my reclined their seats…and not just a little bit…OH NO…all the freaking way. So this is my first question…do you recline your seat all the way or just a little? Once they reclined my tray table was in my lap, it was very uncomfortable.

So after the whole chair debacle I settled into my seat as best I could and started scanning for movies. Bridesmaids was an option and when I saw it the first time and thought it was funny, I knew I wanted to see it again (plus my options were limited). So as I watched I also ate, and I was NOT expected the plane food to be half way decent. It usually leaves me with my stomach in crippling pain and it my stomach wasn’t in crippling pain. I ate a roll, a small salad, some cheese lasagna, a little piece of strawberry cheesecake, and a glass of wine. It was nice every person on the plane got wine with dinner. This was my first drinking experience abroad…wahooo!

After we arrived in London we had a little break. I grabbed some Starbucks to fuel my addiction and guess what…here in Newcastle there is one every few blocks….ITS GREATTTT! Not only was Starbucks a big hit on my Heathrow journey, but I SAW MR. BIG…yes thats right Mr. Big, I was walking with a new friend and she pointed him out. She asked if she could get a picture, but he said he wasn’t allowed to…whatever that means. Once we arrived in Newcastle though we got goodie bags on the bus waiting for us. Just enough to get us through for the day!


It was so nice of our leaders to get this for us. It is so funny to see how the brand names change even though we can tell exactly what they were supposed to be. So that is all for my travel story. Don’t worry I will update again if I have time soon, I just figured I would get in a quick post while I could. Oh yeah one of my friends pointed this out to me yesterday, so in England is a left turn on red acceptable? We thought it was quite funny. Hopefully I will have my first ever WIAW post later!! Lots of yummy eats already!!!!


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