I’m leaving on a jet plane

HELLLLLO BLOGGGGIIIIEEESSS!!!! You read right…I’m leaving on a jet plane, only I know when I’m coming back! I’ll be back in December. My flight doesn’t actually leave until later tonight, but I figured I would get a post in.

I also had the wonderful Allison write a guest post that appeared earlier! Check it out, her blog is awesome and if you don’t follow it, add it to your blog roll ASAP. Seriously this girl knows what she’s talking about and she is basically the College Eating Guru. I found her blog right around the time I started reading a lot of blogs and I get excited every time I see a new post.

Anyways now onto what ever I am doing (which isn’t a lot). Earlier today I made some last minute stops to the bank where I deposited some more money. After that I forced begged my mother to take me to Target. My love of Target is ridiculous. Seriously I can’t go in without buying something. Today it was two clif bars. My reason for going to Target was not just to wander aimlessly around the store while everything begs me to buy it…no it was to visit one of my addictions. Yes a Starbucks coffee was calling my name. They have a new salted caramel mocha coffee. HOLY SMOKES IT THE BEST THING ON THIS BEAUTIFUL EARTH. Sometimes when I’m not feeling coffee I’ll get the salted caramel hot chocolate and I thought that was good, but this is so much better!

Now I am back at my grandmothers preparing to leave for the airport. Lets hope we don’t get our car searched. Oh and for your enjoyment I’ll leave you with a little commentary from my trip to CT with my parents.

5 minutes into the car ride:

Dad- Oh so I talked to John Deere, the lawn mower is definitely broken. It’s going to cost XX to get it fixed. I don’t want to spend that much, so I’m going to have them take it apart and find the little piece that’s broken and that will be cheaper.

All of this as my mom shook her head and I plugged my ears.

1 hour into the car ride:

Dad- Are we there yet? How much longer?

2.5 hours into the car ride:

Dad- No wonder why they call it a moon roof

Me- Dad it’s called a sun roof

Dad- Not at night it’s not

The man thinks he is the funniest thing on the planet. All of this just to bother my mom as she drove. I can’t wait to see what this ride to the airport has in store for us today. THANK GOD the ride is only two hours (I’m crossing my fingers that we don’t hit a lot of traffic). Well I’m off to pack my carry-on and get all my stuff charged for this 7 hour plane ride.



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