Last Minute

So today (rather) tonight I will be leaving NH. Yes, I have been waiting a long time for this, I feel like I have been here for to long (I get like this sometimes). I will be making the trek to CT where I’ll stay until Monday and then I fly out.


But seriously, I packed yesterday and it was like pulling my hair out. So much that I had to take a break and go for sushi, no need for an excuse. I also took the time to pick up last minute stuff; like a Kindle cover, a computer cover, and a DQ Blizzard.

I love DQ’s Blizzards, but never have them. I figured I would have made a trip earlier this summer, but just never had time. Yesterday’s Blizzard included cookie dough and Reeses. I really wanted to add in turtle pecan clusters, but I knew that I wouldn’t enjoy it as much with to many add ins (shocking right).

Anyways today is all about last minute additions and things I probably forgot. Saying goodbyes and making sure I have doubles even triples of all my paperwork so I don’t get stuck in some random European country. I have some guest posts lined up to appear throughout the next week and they are going to be good, not good but great! I hope you are all ready for them, because I love these blogs and can’t wait to share them with you. As for a tentative blogging schedule for myself, this is what I hope. I am going to be quite busy the first weekish that I am in Newcastle/traveling. After that I hope to post three days a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) this is what I hope to do. On Wednesday I am hoping to join the WIAW bandwagon! Better late then never right? I am hoping that this will make it a little interesting because I will be eating new things, that I don’t normally eat at home (read: not boring)!

Well sorry for such a wordy post, enjoy the guest posts I have lined up and I’ll be in touch sometime next week.


Have you ever travelled outside of the country?

I have gone to Mexico twice, but this is a whole new thing!

If you could go anywhere and money didn’t matter, where would you go?

I think I would take a long vacation and see places most people don’t go. Random little countries that no one has heard of.


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