1 Week

In one week and twelve hours I will be boarding a plane to start my journey to Newcastle. It is all so exciting, but at the same time so nerve-wracking. I still haven’t packed one thing. That’s right folks….one….thing. It’s safe to say after my dentist appointment tomorrow I will be scrambling around to pack everything.

I am official done with one of my jobs today at 1pm and I couldn’t be happier. Yes I am going to miss some of the friends I have made, but I am not too worried. It has been a long summer and I don’t think my patients could be tested anymore. Whether I will be returning next summer has a lot to do with getting my butt in gear and finding a great internship that means I won’t have to return home in May. Its comforting to know though that I will always have a job here if I want it. I guess that is one perk to working for a company for six years and really building a strong relationship with everyone. At the same time I feel I need to go out and do something different, learn what else there is out there.

I still have one more day at my other job and that is on Friday. It will be a short day, only 3 hours, but the owner is going on vacation and they needed someone to fill. I can always use the extra money and I love the atmosphere at that workplace. I really have enjoyed working there this summer and am glad I actually took the initiative to go out and find a second job. It really drives it home for me about how hard some people work to support their family. After having worked a full-time (40 hour week) and a part-time (20 hour week) I felt so overwhelmed all summer and so tired. I now appreciate so much more what my parents have been doing my entire life. I mean don’t get me wrong I have always appreciated what they do, but it really struck home after doing it all summer long. Will I work two jobs next summer? Who knows only time will tell. Will I constantly be tired? Yes, but the bills aren’t going to pay themselves.

So I think that is enough rambling from me for today. I am off to enjoy the rest of my work day and then spend the day on the boat with family and friends. Oh yeah and a delicious cookout is in store for me tonight, I cannot wait!

What are your plans for the last day of your three-day weekend?

Are you going on any trips any time soon? How to do prepare to pack if procrastination strikes?


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