My Downfall

Well I have found what my downfall is. That would be the new Kindle I purchased…..and then the three books I downloaded in point three seconds. Yup I wanted to buy one book, Amazon already had my card on file and it was all down hill from there. I just want all the books in the world now, but my wallet won’t be happy. For now I have finally purchased Mama Peas new cookbook Peas and Thank You. I am beyond excited to take a peak inside and hopefully make something!

Along with that purchase I purchased Room by Emma Donoghue. The reason for purchasing that was because Julie of Peanut Butter Fingers is starting a book club. I’m going to be honest, at first the only reason I voted for this book was because I liked the cover the best and the other two books weren’t really my thing, even this book isn’t really my thing. I decided that I was just going to suck it up and try something different though. I always read the same kind of books over and over again and I need a change so this seemed like the best thing!

The third purchase was also recommended by a blogger, but I had heard about the book before. Chelsey recommended A Stolen Life by Jaycee Dugard. I read the preview on Amazon and was hooked. I didn’t want it to end, I sat in bed last night reading until my eyes were too heavy to keep open. It is amazing what this women had to go through and all the strength she has gained. I highly recommend this book already and I haven’t even finished it!

Well now you all know what my current downfall is. I turned the internet off on my Kindle to curb my purchases. For now I have plenty of reading to get me through my first month abroad (hopefully) because I still have two hard copy books at home that I need to read. I hope everyone is enjoying their long weekend, I of course and at work…where I always seem to be. So much for a summer…only 9 more days until I will be in Newcastle!!! HIIIIP HIIIIP HOOOORAAAAAYYYY!!! 🙂


Do you have a Kindle/Nook/other EReader?

How are you spending the long weekend?

I have to work all weekend, but hopefully Monday I can make it to the beach, even it if is for two hours and then we are having family dinner!


2 thoughts on “My Downfall

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