Goals for September

Like I said in my last post I can’t believe it is already September. So as I have seen on numerous blogs today, a list of goals awaits you. I have decided that I will pick three main goals and focus on those goals for the coming month.

Goal 1: Focus on my schoolwork. Take the initiative to put time aside to get my homework done, as well as any outside work that needs to be done. Whether that be extra reading, or attending lectures, basically anything that will help me improve/maintain my good grades while abroad.

Goal 2: Take advantage of every opportunity I have while abroad. I have this tendency to hold back a lot, especially when I think I should (or could) be doing something else. I want to throw that notion away and try to do everything and anything I can while in Newcastle. As well as immerse myself into the British culture and make Newcastle “my home.”

Goal 3: Work on my fitness. Plain and simple. I want to continue to run while abroad and I hope I won’t regret packing my sneakers. I also noticed on someone’s blog that every other day they did push-ups. So for the month of September I am going to do 15 push-ups every other day (and not on my knees, but on my toes!), on the off days I will do 25 sit-ups. I really hope I can keep this goal up!


Well now that I have my three goals, I think it is time for this month to official start! Even though I don’t “technically” start school until the end of September, I still have homework to finish up from my summer class (eeeek I’m a little behind). Well not really, but still. Work is coming to an end and I’m a little sad, but not really. Today at work I made a to do list and decided tonight was going to be the night I got things done. I can actually see my bedroom floor, this is a first for this summer….pathetic I know. But good news is I have done all my laundry…seriously all six loads of it, and I actually folded it too (if you were my roommate you would understand). I also made plans to get up at the crack of dawn 6am and make my way to Starbucks, even though its 30 minutes away, I really need to get away in a space where I can just sit and focus on my homework with no distractions of my home. Well wish me luck!


What are three goals you’ve made from September?

Where is the best place you can focus on your homework?

I need to be out of my room, I usually go to the business school building when I am at school, but sometimes I will venture out to a cafe near by for a switch up.


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