Summer comes to an end

I can’t believe the last day of August is tomorrow. It blows my mind! So much that I am taking a look back through the summer to see what I actually got accomplished (if anything). So I took a look at my post about some goals I made earlier this summer to see what I had accomplished. When I got to check some of those things off the list such as a 5K, I read a bunch of books (I am currently on my 7th), I took plenty of naps (not enough), kept my grades up on my class (I finished with an A-…HUGE ACCOMPLISHMENT), enjoyed my time with my grandmother, tried to blog more, and worked my butt off!

In all reality I think I achieved a lot. Running a 5K was something I almost joked about….yeah I can totally run one and maybe if I talk it up enough I will. AND I DID, AND I FINISHED IN MY GOAL TIME, AND I RAN THE WHOLE THING. Before May I had never even considered running a 5k, yes I enjoy running and wish I did it more, but actually run in a road race…ya right. Now I can’t stop looking for more to run….racers high is totally a real thing.

Books galore. I have spent so much money on books this summer and I could care less. The summer is when I get to read the most and I took full advantage of that. So much that I had an epiphany yesterday that I needed to buy a kindle and then I had a different epiphany that I need to buy a nook and I will buy one of these. So who is going to sell me on one first (ps I have used both and totally love both!)? I just decided that with all the traveling I am going to be doing, it would be the best way for me to cart around books and hopefully I will be able to read more during the school year!

A new camera…ahhh yesss I took the plunge and spent the moooola and bought a new beautiful, wonderful, awesome camera. Now all I need is a memory card so I can take more than 10 pictures at a time. Here are just some of the pictures I have taken (while trying to be artsy and creative).


So as this summer comes to an end I am sad, but I am also extremely excited for the next chapter in my life that is study abroad. In exactly 2 weeks I will be in Newcastle, England getting situated in my room!


Did you accomplish all of your goals of the summer?

What is one fun thing you did this summer?

I went to visit my friends and just enjoyed my days off!


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