That is how many days I have left in this country until December. It seems completely unreal, in 21 days I will be boarding a plane to an unfamiliar country where I will only know 31 people (if I even know everyone in my program). I will be living in a 6 person flat, where I will only know one person. The other four will consist of two British students and two international students. Don’t get me wrong I am so excited for this new journey in life, but at the same time every time someone asks about it I pee my pants a little because I am so nervous. The whole trip shouldn’t be what I am nervous about. What I should be nervous about is the fact that I have not packed one thing.

Seriously…not one thing. In fact the suitcase I plan to bring still contains all the clothes I took to wear while living with my grandmother at the beginning of the summer. This again is not a joke. My brain is thinking about a thousand things a second…what to pack, what I will need, do I have to bring school supplies, who are my roommates going to be, will I get to travel as much as I want? All of these things plus more, and every day I think of something new I need to do.

The one thing I have done is bought a new camera. I bought a Nikon Coolpix S3100. I was going to go for the newer model, but decided I didn’t want a touch screen because knowing me something horrible would happen to it. So now I am just waiting by the mailbox patiently for my camera to arrive so I can learn the ins and outs before I depart. Oh and I bought a new camera case…clearly I have gotten the important things done.

For the rest of the week (I have three amazing days off) I am going to spend as much time at the beach with my roommate, and trying to get stuff done.


As for you readers….what do I pack? What will I need, and what should I get when I am there?

Seriously I need all the help I can get!!

Have you ever travelled outside the United States for a long period of time? How long was it?

I have been to Mexico twice, but both times just for a week.



One thought on “21!

  1. Hey! I just saw your guest post on move ‘n munchies, came over here and just had to comment. First off, good luck living abroad. I study in England full time and though it’s hard, it’s also great fun 🙂
    As for packing, bring what you would normally pack on a trip, just more clothing and less extraneous things (like books, toiltries, etc). You can buy extra things when you arrive.
    Good luck!

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