A First

Yesterday was a first. I ran my first 5k! I have been wanting to run one for a while now so in July I started looking for races in late August early September, which would give me ample training time so I could correctly run it. My mom told me about this 5k, but it was only 3 weeks away. I knew that if I didn’t register for it, I wouldn’t do it. So I sent in my registration and set out to find a training schedule. My trainer from boot camp sent me one that worked with my current activity level. For the first week I was on top of things, then I slowly fell off track.

As time neared for this race I just kept getting more nervous. I knew I wanted to go through with it (mostly for the free t-shirt) but I contemplated numerous times flaking out. I just finished house sitting for a week and on my last night was the night before the race and I slept like a rock. I mean I woke up a couple of times, but immediately fell back asleep….that never happens. At 7:15am on the dot I woke up, took the dog out, fed him, and got dressed. By 8am I was on the road to the race, registration time ended at 8:15. I registered, received my free t-shirt and found a place by myself to begin stretching. Within minutes the second trainer for boot camp found me. I had no idea she was running and it was nice to have someone there who I knew. As we stretched and warmed up our legs we chatted about boot camp (I took another 16 seconds off of my mile, making it 1:46 in 5 weeks). At 8:30am the race started and we were off, I knew my parents were coming to cheer me on so it was nice to see them right after the first hill.

The course wasn’t to hilly, there was one right at the beginning and a little one right at the end. For maybe the first mile ( a little less) it was paved. After that it was all dirt, which was nice and wasn’t to hard on the knees. As well as my boot camp trainer (Joanna) one of my friends parents also ran! And my mom just so happened to snap a picture.

My goal for this 5k was 1. to finish and 2. to finish within 30 minutes. As I ran through the cones that marked the finish the clock ran 30 minutes. I was SO happy, I mean for my first 5k I ran it in 30 minutes. Yes I could probably finish faster, but I had no idea what to expect. As soon as I finished I cheered on my friends parents and then made my way to the refreshment tables. I ate a lot of watermelon and a banana and maybe a half a bagel. I also drank lots of water!

After the race I had to go the grocery store with my mom and I treated myself to an iced coffee from dunks. As well as that I finally found the peanut butter company at my grocery store so I picked up the white chocolate dream….and YUM its so good, I could eat it by the spoonful. 
I’ll be back on Tuesday for a lovely post. OH AND the lovely Chef Katelyn is having a giveaway for her one year blogging anniversary so go enter its full of yummy stuff!!! 
Have you ever run in a 5k/10k/half marathon/full marathon?
Did you follow your own training plan or did you find one online?

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