I Can’t Believe It’s Not July

Today is August 2nd. This actually shocks me, I can’t believe the summer has gone by so fast! This week has a lot of things going on.

Yesterday was the three year anniversary of my grandfathers death. I still remember exactly what I was doing when I found out and exactly how I reacted. The situation was completely out of the blue. He was healthy, worked out every morning and visited the doctors regularly. So regularly that, that morning (it was a Friday) he had been the doctors because he didn’t feel well and he thought something was up. They said everything looked normal and to come back on Monday for a stress test. Now three years later as I study a field that he worked in, a field where he had his own business I think about him constantly. It kills me that I will never get to work beside him, I will never get to learn his tricks of the trade. Earlier this summer I spent six weeks living with my grandmother and my heart went out to her because I am sure these past three years have not been easy at all.

On a much happier note my baby brother turns 12 on Thursday. It seems so weird to think I now have no siblings in elementary school. He is growing up so fast, before I know it he will be in high school! That means I’ll be out of college (scary).

So for Michael’s birthday I made brownies and cake today! I attempted to make Girl Meets Life’s cake batter blondies. When I say attempted I mean it. I didn’t have a box of cake, so I had to make the cake. Then the cake turned out to be just that, a cake. Nothing like what blondies are supposed to be like. But I just so happened to have a can of chocolate fudge frosting and used that to transform these “not so blondies” into a cake. I also made raspberry truffle brownies from Two Peas And Their Pod.  These turned out fantastic and I am so excited to eat them.

As well as baking I was busy conquering this To Do List:

That thing is unbelievably long and even though I have been steadily crossing things off it, it feels like it will never end! Oh that list next to it is a list of spells. Yes I am a child and this comes with the fact that 40 hours a week I am forced to play and entertain little kids. So during four square on Monday morning I found a root, picked it up and decided I was going to be Harry Potter. For the rest of the day I pointed my stick at all the annoying children and shouted spells at them. For the ungodly annoying children I shouted the unforgivable curses (whoops they probably know what that is). I even perfected my wand by adding a handle so it looked believable, not many children believed me but hey I don’t actually care. 
If anyone is interested in guest posting while I am traveling abroad in September, shoot me a quick email and we can set something up! Also if you missed it, check out my guest post on The Gourmetour, my friend Jenn’s blog!
Have you ever pretended you are a witch or wizard?

Is anyone celebrating any birthdays soon?
Just my brothers birthday, but last month we had three birthday celebrations!

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