Playing Catch Up

I am currently playing catch up! I am catching up with all the shows I have missed in the past week, the homework I haven’t finished, the blogs I haven’t read, the applications I haven’t filled out for my visa. SO MUCH STUFF TO CATCH UP ON.

I am loving JP on the bachelorette. Seriously, can he just marry me instead of Ashley? I CANNOT wait for next weeks episode, I love hearing all that the guys have to say. I also can’t wait for the Bentley drama, he is such a dbag.

Today I opened up not one, but two new bank accounts for when I go abroad. I wanted to make sure that I didn’t touch my money here at home, I wanted specific money just for abroad. It would suck to spend all my money and get back and have nothing. I also bought not one, but two new books! I bought the book “One Day” which is being turned into a movie and then “Baby Proof” by Emily Griffin. Then I went to my ALL time favorite store. I have literally not been there in at least two months and that is very unusual for me. So while I was at TJMAXX I bought three new shirts and two tumblers. Seriously I am addicted to these things. Now that I have three it won’t be an issue when one is dirty.

Okay readers I have been reading a lot about blogging and how to make your blog impressive and so on. I need all your help; I am debating switching to a wordpress blog instead of blogger. I am also considering a self-host. WHAT DO YOU ALL THINK? WHICH DO YOU LIKE BETTER/PROS&CONS? Also on another note I am going to try and blog once a week on Tuesday nights. I may blog more if I have the chance but for now keep an eye out on Tuesdays! Thanks for still reading, it actually means the world to me!

Do you go through phases of blogging? 
I love to blog but sometimes I feel like I don’t have anytime. I want to blog, but can’t seem to get around to it.


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