Its a Holiday Weekend!

I am posting to share day 3’s workout with you guys. Day 3 (yesterday, Friday) was fitness testing day! On the first and fourth Friday of everyone month of boot camp you do fitness testing. This is to see how much improvement you have made within the four weeks. When I did boot camp last summer I also did this, I cannot remember what my times were and they aren’t up on the website yet, but I can’t wait to see if I have improved or not. So here is what the workout looked like:

1 minutes pushups (if you could do more than 20 on your knees (the girly way) you had to do them the normal way)
1 minute sit ups
1 mile run 

after the mile run we did an obstacle course/stations. 

3 sets of ladders
2 sets of hurdles
50 jump ropes 
side shuffle
stepping in and out of hula hoop as fast as possible
15 kettleball swings
20 medice balls slams 
10 windmills each side

The workout ended up being great and I left feeling sore (again). I had trouble all day yesterday walking up and down the stairs. I continued to walk funny all day and finally today I am feeling so much better and can walk up and down the stairs without looking like my whole body was going to crumble to the ground at any second. 

The holiday weekend is now in full swing! We weren’t as busy yesterday at the restaurant as we would have hoped, but did a lot of take out orders, I am still getting used to them. I also had my first customer give me attitude. She was mistaken and not pleased when her bill was presented. She ordered three things; an appetizer, a petite size entree, and a side of fries. Her total was around 28$ and she complained that our prices weren’t the same as our online menu, but we don’t have an online menu. I gave her a take-out menu to look at and take home so if she wanted to order again she would know full well what the prices would be. It wasn’t to bad a situation though, I am more concerned for when the summer gets really busy and I am there alone without the other hostess.

In other news I have now worked 2 days worth of doubles and the fun don’t stop there. I have doubles all this coming week, since boot camp is at 5:30am by the time 10am rolls around I’m exhausted and want to take a nap!!

Do you guys like to take naps?

I am an avid nap taker at school, especially when I work the 4-8am shifts. By the time my classes are over at 1pm I am in bed sleeping by 1:30pm.

Have a great holiday weekend everyone!

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