I’m back!

Hello Friends!

I am finally back home for the summer, it feels good to be able to sleep in my own bed in my own house and not think about driving back and forth to CT every week. My class has finished and everyone keeps asking what I got as a final grade. I have absolutely no idea yet because the grades from our final haven’t been added in yet. That was the hardest test I have ever taken and I am not exaggerating. I thought I was doing well (actually knew I was doing well) in the class, but this test just stumped me, but we shall see what I ended up with. As well as being done with my class I have finally started the boot camp class I won!!!! I started last night and was hoping to post the workout, but was exhausted when I got home and just ate dinner and went to bed. So today I have two workouts to share, each workout is about an hour long including warm up and cool down!!

Wednesday 6-29-11
strech and a warmup lap
forward lunches for 20 feet then 24 squats
backwards lunches for 20 feet then 24 squats
6 stations 1 minute each X2:
5 push ups, 5 t stands
bicep curl, shoulder raise
5 hip raises, 5 hamstring curls
high knees over something
5 chest press, 5 flys
5 reverse bicep curls, 5 tricep kicks
forward lunches then 24 squats
backwards lunches 24 squats
6 stations 45 seconds each of the stations up above!
*I loved this workout, it really got me moving and I was never bored because we were constantly changing stations. All of it is easy to do at home to! The only extra things we used was a built-up bench using steps for stepping, a stability ball, a yoga mat, and free weights (what ever you feel comfortable with). I left feeling extremely sore and was glad to be. 
Thursday 6-30-11
warm up – warm up lap
1 minute mountain climbers (30 seconds slow, 15 seconds burst, 15 seconds slow)
1 minute side planks (30 sec. each side)
squats 1 minutes bringing weights as low to the ground as possible
with partner:
suicides w/ weights while partner does half way crunch 
suicides w/ weights while partner does superman
suicides w/ weights while partner does planks
suicides w/ weights as partner does a reach and extend
mountain climbers 1 minutes (30 seconds slow, 15 second burst, 15 seconds slow)
cool down and stretch
**this workout was awesome, I almost liked it better than yesterdays. The only problem I had with this was you did the exercise until your partner was done running the suicides. This could be long or short, my partner wasn’t too slow, but I felt like she did less of the exercises than I did. Other than that it was great, I could feel my sore quads after yesterdays lunges and squats, but if feels good to feel the burn. 
I am so happy I won this boot camp class, I am glad to be back. Most of the people in the class are the same from last summer so it was nice to be welcomed back and told I had been missed. The two trainers are great and very motivating. I couldn’t ask for anything better! Well I am currently at work manning the boathouse while everyone else cleans pools (I made sure to get here early so I could get the easy job) so I should get back to whatever I am supposed to be doing. I mean I already put out all the paddles, check the gas for the power boats and racked the beach. I think its time for me to get out my book until I have some customers. Enjoy your Thursday and its almost the WEEKEND!!
What are your plans for the fourth of July weekend?
I will be working doubles all weekend, hopefully it will be busy at the restaurant because I know it will be busy at the camp ground!
Do you have a favorite trainer that you always try to take their class and just don’t seem to be as happy unless they’re teaching? 
I haven’t really taken a lot of classes while being at school, but when I did take pilates I didn’t really care for the instructor and ultimately stopped going. 


One thought on “I’m back!

  1. I think the trainer/instructor really makes a HUGE difference. I'd have definitely gone to more classes during the school year if I had cared for more of the instructors. Nothing personal- they just werent my style!

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