Excitement all around

So you know that boot camp class I really wanted/needed to win? I WON….WAHOOOO. Even though I was accused of cheating and was basically bashed on facebook by a competitors friend I won. Fair and square. I have never been so happy, I start on Wednesday as soon as I get home. I have missed boot camp, I love having a class to go to and this is perfect. The trainer is amazing, seriously I love her she is great!! I ended up giving the free month for a friend to my mom and I am so happy for her as well. The runner up got a free month as well because of how close the points were.

I also bought a new bag 🙂 Last weekend I housesat and I didn’t know I was going to until a couple of days before. So we a little extra spending money that came my way, I splurged and got a great deal on a bag I have been wanting!!

I also have been doing some baking, but the recipe for that will come soon. They didn’t come out as well as I was hoping, but that’s okay (I actually think it was my grandmothers oven). I also made some buttermilk pancakes with that recipe to follow soon as well. They were so good and just what I wanted for breakfast yesterday!
 I also attended my cousins 7th birthday party. It seems so weird that she is already 7!! I completely remember when she was born. As the oldest cousin it is weird to think of my younger cousins and how old I will be when they are where I am now. My youngest cousin is currently 2 years old. When he graduates college in 20 years, I will be 40….yes FORTY years old. It seems so strange to imagine that. Hopefully at that point I will be married and have a family! It makes me a little sad sometimes to think of how I never had cousins my own age growing up. My cousin who is the closest in age is 4 years younger than me and he is closer to my sisters age. My brothers have some close in age to them, but for the majority 5 of my cousins are under the age of 5. Oh well it is something I have learned to love. 

So that is all for now, I am off to the beach for the day with my grandmother, uncle, and two cousins. My grandmother and I plan to go out to dinner after (I am hoping for Lenny and Joes, the fish place near the beach!) Stay tuned for hopefully a post soon, my final is coming up and I will be spending a lot of time studying and I will try to post on Monday or Tuesday!

Do you own a longchamp? In what color?

Do you have cousins close in age to you? Are you close?


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