I am truly shocked at how rude some people are

I am sorry I am going to use this post to vent. I feel so heated right now and its not good. As anyone who has been reading my blog knows I am trying to win a contest to win a free month of boot camp. The rules are no one can post more than once, there are no rules what so ever that say you cannot have your friends ask their friends to post. Well I got a text from a friend during class that said she stuck up for me on the wall because someone accused me of cheating. First I am not sure how you could cheat, but what ever thats beyond the point. Second all I could think of for the rest of class was what someone had been saying about me. I got home and checked the wall to find this and I was shocked (I didn’t blur out the names of my competitors and my friend, but I mean this is public on facebook so anyone could see it anyways): 

So I felt I needed to put in my input, I felt attacked. I had in no way, atleast in my eyes cheated. I didn’t know there was a possible way to cheat. I simple asked my friends and family for their support and they pulled through. I am also very lucky to have attended a high school that pulls together when someone needs helps (such as this contest) as well as a handful of college friends who would do the same. So this is my input to the conversation. And everything I said was true, and if you have been reading then you would have seen in my “rock bottom” post that I planned to give the second month free to the runner up.

Sorry to vent to you guys, but I just felt like I need to get out what I was thinking. And I feel hurt, these people who I do not even know; one accused me of “cheating” and then basically said I didn’t deserve it as much as the other women. I don’t believe this is true, I think anyone deserves it as much as the next person. I need something to motivate me just like these other women. I know boot camp will do this for me. Sorry again for ranting on and on.

Have any of you ever taken a boot camp class?


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