its raining, its pouring….

and I am stuck inside doing hw and going to class all day 😦

On another (brighter note) I ordered shoes the other day and they came in the mail yesterday. I was never really a fan of Tom’s when I first heard of them. To me I just found them extremely ugly. Then my roommate bought a pair (and told me every pair you buy a person in Africa gets a pair…so cool) and I tried them on. They are so comfortable. So I decided to bite the bullet and buy a pair, I mean hey I am technically buying two pairs. And I just think of them as my uggs (even though I am to cheap to buy real uggs and stick to bearpaw) they are so ugly, but so freakin’ comfortable. So with study abroad in mind for next fall, I decided to start looking for the perfect pair. If I was going to sport not the prettiest shoes I might as well have a bitchin’ color (why I just used the word bitchin’ is beyond me). So when I saw this teal color on the side of google, I knew I had found the perfect color and I had to have them. A little over a week after I ordered them and they just came in!!!  I am ecstatic I love them, I have been wearing them for the past two days everywhere (I hope they are allowed to get wet)!!

As well as my new found love of Tom’s, I am currently obsessing over the new paddle boards we got at work. If you don’t know what paddle boards are they resemble a surf board almost and you paddle them in the ocean (except I live and work on a lake). They are really cool though, you must have good balance and I almost fell in quite a few times, I probably won’t be trying these again until the weather gets a little warmer. I am also loving the view from our new boathouse. It is so peaceful on the lake right now because all the tourists haven’t arrived for the full summer season yet. 
Yes that is me struggling….

I am also really enjoying this contest to try and win a free month of boot camp. Paige @ Everyday Belle gave me some advice to get some more points, and I took full advantage of it. I want this free month SOOOOO bad!!!! I am currently in the lead and it seems every minute I check the runner up and I are switching places. The runner up doesn’t know that I am going to give her the second free month, but she has teamed up with the person in third place and already told them they could have her second free month…hmph I feel left out. They are now gaining up on me, but I have enlisted the help of friends and family to spread the word. I need this free month, because I need the motivation and the teacher is great, I love her and she is so inspiring. I work really hard when I am in her class. I did find a VERY funny post on the facebook wall though…I laughed. There is one day left and I am pulling out all the post I can! 
Does that still count as a point for me?? HAHA
Other than that nothing has been happening in my life except work….more work….and class. I am going to my cousins 7th birthday party on Saturday so that might come with something interesting I plan to make cupcakes and I am extremely excited, I ran to the store today to get all the ingredients I didn’t already have so tomorrow will be spent baking! Sorry for not being around lately, I have been busy. I am going to try to be around more.
Have you ever bought Tom’s before or are you considering buying them? If so what color?

Have you ever entered a contest, what was it for?

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