I have hit rock bottom…

Last night I spent at least an hour checking the rankings of all the competition for this free month of boot camp. If you don’t know what I am talking about read about it here! I seriously have never wanted something so bad in my life. It is strange and four days ago I didn’t even know the competition was going on. This would probably be why I am falling so behind in points! The highest contender has about 95 points and I am at a mere 62, granted that is definitely not as low as some of the other competitors. There is one week and a day left and I am begging ANYONE who is reading this to please help a sister out!! This is just what I need to start my motivation back up, I currently cannot afford to pay for the class because of other more significant expenses in my life (ie. college, gas, phone bill…) so winning would help out a great deal! I have decided (because the winner not only gets a month for themselves but also for another person) that I will give the other half of my prize to my mother if she so wants it. She works at night during the summer so I don’t know if she will want to get up at 5 am and trek over to boot camp with me. IF for some reason she does not want it I have decided to either give it to the runner up or someone who really needs and wants this just as much as I do. Now I know I am completely getting ahead of myself (I haven’t won yet) but I cannot stress enough how much I really want to win. Seriously I have never had this urge before, yes I like winning, but I have never in my entire life been this competitive, it is a little scary.

On another note as I drove to class this afternoon (I decided to get here early to update the blog and work on some hw) I heard the song Give Me Everything by Pitbull. There is a line in the song that really stuck with me as the rest of the song continued and I decided it would be my new motto in life. TOOK MY LIFE FROM NEGATIVE TO POSITIVE. From now on I am going to try to look at everything in a positive side, I know this is going to be extremely hard because sometimes I can be extremely negative about my own stuff, but it is something I will need to work on.

Just looking ahead to the weekend (yes it is so close I can feel it) I am housesitting! I love housesitting this specific house in my neighborhood. The women I house sit for is one of my parents really close friends and I have known her my whole life (she is actually my sisters godmother). She lives around the corner so it is still close to home and close to work! I will also be working at the campground and the restaurant so that is something to look forward to. I really enjoy working at the restaurant right now because I am still in the learning process so everything is new each day. It isn’t a same old boring routine (not saying the campground is………but it for more or less is (aka my 5th summer there)). Also because I am housesitting (did I mention the house is only 3 to 4 years old?) I will be doing a lot of baking slash cooking while I am there (beautiful kitchen)! I am extremely excited because I have missed it and don’t worry you will get some posts about it!

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to help me out with this competition!


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