I’m a Bad Blogger

Sorry guys…I’m a bad blogger. I said I would write a post yesterday, but I was just so darn tired. I am trying to stay on a set blogging schedule so bear with me while I try to get on a consistent schedule.

Yesterday was a complete surprise. I am the type of person who has to have everything planned days (weeks preferably) ahead. I need to know where I am going, at what time, what I will be doing and so on. Yesterday was not one of those days and I was still so pleased! Yesterday I got to see my friends from college!! It is hard living away from everyone who you got to see everyday during the year. My college experience really has been made all the better by these three people. Yesterday I met up with my direct roommate and best friend Annie. We met our friends (who were also roommates) Charlie and Sean for breakfast. On Saturday Annie sent me a Facebook post about going hiking, but then we found out it was going to rain. I immediately called Annie and asked if she would be interested in getting together for a late breakfast or early lunch while I was on my way back to CT.

I left at 8am and started driving. Right after I left my house the empty light came on and thankfully I made it to a gas station. I really wish everyday that gas prices fall, but I know that is not going to happen 😦 I made it to Annie’s house around 10:45 and we headed to the J&M Diner to meet up with Sean and Charlie. We all ordered coffee and then looked over the menu, I was stumped on what to get. I couldn’t decide between Reeses peanut butter pancakes or a Hawaiian omelet. The pancakes sounded so good but I did not get them. I decided to get the Hawaiian omelet and even though it was a little more expensive I believe it was truly worth it and I made sure to eat almost all of it (probably not healthy, but at the time I didn’t care). The omelet had pineapple, ham, onions, bacon, cheese, and a little bit of bbq sauce. I will definitely be recreating this in my kitchen at sometime. It was completely different that something I have ever had and I loved it! I also will be trying to make these Reeses peanut butter pancakes at some point too. I hope to revisit the J&M Diner another time when I am in Framingham.

After breakfast I had originally planned to continue my way to CT, but Charlie suggested seeing a movie and I hadn’t seen my friends in a while so I wanted to spend as much time with them as possible. We had all heard Bridesmaids were funny so we trekked to the movie theater to see it (but not until after Annie drove us around 76 turns and a missed light). When we arrived at the movies we realized the movie wasn’t playing until 1:50 and I didn’t want to have to wait around until that long seeing as how I had a 2 hour drive awaiting. So we decided to then see The Hangover 2 which was playing 20 minutes later. The movie was really funny. The same exact plot as the first one, but we decided we liked the first one better. After the movie we said our goodbyes and headed back to Annie’s house to get my car. I forgot my camera (another reason I am a bad blogger) so I have no pictures, but here is a picture of the four of us when we met up freshman year (last year -2010) and all went skiing at Bretton Woods in NH.

Now I am off to study for my second accounting test, cross your fingers for me! 
Do you let your gas tank get all the way down to E?

I usually don’t but I just got my car back from the shop and hadn’t had time to run to the gas station. When I went after work on Saturday night I realized I left my wallet at home in my other bag – this being the reason the light came on. 
Do you have to plan ahead or are you a spur of the moment type of person?

I need to plan or I get really antsy that something will go wrong. 


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