It’s The Weekend And A Recap Of The Week!

THANK GOD ITS THE WEEKEND! It has been an extremely long week and to say the least I am thrilled that it is over. Although this week has led to an even busier weekend, it is nice to be home in New Hampshire for a short time.

I started off my week on Sunday with a “What I Am Loving Post” to counter act my “What I Am Currently Hating Post” from the week before. I am pleased to say I enjoyed the beach (until it got to cold to stay) and then chinese take-out with my grandmother Sunday.

Monday was spent bee-bopping around the shopping plazas in Hamden CT. I love the store Bob’s, but unfortunately we don’t have them where I am from. So I only get to go when I am at my grandmothers, recently I haven’t been able to find anything good, but I had a coupon so I figured I should go check it out. I stated in my post on Sunday that I was on a mission to find the perfect boat shoes and that is what I accomplished. I found the exact pair I wanted in the right color and I had a twenty percent coupon. I’ll take it! Monday night my grandmother and I went out to dinner at a restaurant called Portofinos. The last time we went was for my great-uncle Gerry’s 70th birthday a couple of weeks ago. My grandmother had a gift certificate and ever since my grandfather passed away she hasn’t gone out to eat as much…it just isn’t as fun by yourself. So I have dubbed myself her dining out partner and I can’t complain the food has been fabulous. We were the only people at Portofinos and knew immediately what we wanted for an appetizer. We ordered fried calamari and it was so good. I never was a fan growing up (I think it was because I knew it was squid) but when I went to Mexico for spring break I tried some and fell in love, I have been missing out all these years. Anyways each meal came with a salad and I paid a little extra so I could get a caesar salad. For my entree I got penne ala vodka and my grandmother got veal and lobster with some sort of sauce I can’t remember, she said it was good though! I enjoyed my pasta, but ever since I tried penne ala vodka for the first time I can’t find one that I enjoy as much.

Tuesday I blabbed to you all about the Bachelorette. Tuesday night I went to my class, let me tell you I don’t really mind a three hour long class, but it is at the worst time possible. 5-8pm is the time when I should be eating dinner and relaxing before bed not learning how to account for receivables and when to use deferred gross profit. My brain just is not in the mood, non the less if I do not take this class I cannot study abroad and I cannot wait until I step foot in England.

Wednesday was hump day. It was a VERY long day. It was a day full of babysitting.

Thursday seemed to be even longer. I awoke early. It was only an hour earlier than I have been waking up, but the hour seemed like to early. So at 7am I awoke to a dog in my face…ew I don’t want you licking my face in the morning or at anytime for that matter. It was a busy morning at my grandmothers (my mom had arrived the night before) as we all got ready to go to the funeral for our family friend. The funeral was lovely…I mean as lovely as a funeral can be. Mrs. Miller was a great women and you really understood that as you listened to people speak about her. She has been a teacher for over 20 years and at the end of the service her eldest son asked everyone to stand who she had taught, it was nice to see everyone stand. After the funeral and the reception my family (grandmother, mother, two uncles and an aunt) all parted ways. My mom was headed back to my grandmothers to get her car and head back to NH while everyone else was headed home (they all live spread out throughout CT). I headed to school….for three long hours. Then when all that was done I headed home….to NH. For another three and a half hours in the car. Blahhh that is how I felt as I drove, I was so tired and almost wished I didn’t decide to come home last night, but I knew what my plans were today and that would affect them. I arrived home to a dog wagging her tail like crazy and a mom asleep on the couch waiting for me to get home. She says she doesn’t remember me getting home that she slept right through it, but she definitely talked to me.

So for Friday (today) I had a great day! I went to bed last night knowing I wanted to get up and run…to use my new pedometer and start my motivation. A couple of weeks ago Julie made a post about motivation to run. She said sometimes it is easier to go to bed knowing you are going to get up and go for a run. So that is exactly what I did last night, I went to bed knowing I wanted to run today. And when I got up this morning I knew I needed to go for a run, but I didn’t want to I sat in bed reading blogs. Every minute I sat reading I felt guilty so eventually I got up and set out on my run with my dog. That was the worst idea ever. She has three speeds; walk, stop, sprint..therefore I was sprinting. This did not bode well for me because I hadn’t run in a while so I ended up walking half and running half. In the end I ran/walked a little over one mile. Not bad to say the least, I am going to bed tonight knowing I will get up and run before work in the morning. After my run and a shower I hopped in my car and joined two friends from high school for lunch at a little cafe in the middle of all our houses for lunch. Of course we all ordered breakfast. I have never been to this cafe before, but I will be returning the food was good and the atmosphere was very New Hampshire. After lunch I returned home to read, I seriously cannot get enough of this book! Right before I had to be to work my mom and I went to pick up my car from the garage. It has been there for a month and I have missed it. Three hours were spent at work and when I came home I had dinner waiting. My parents eat the restaurant I work at every weekend. Seriously everyone and I mean everyone knows their order by heart…it’s a little ridiculous. So as I have been learning to memorize the menu I have been falling in love with the option they serve. So tonight I added a small shrimp scampi pizza to my dad’s takeout order. Let me tell you it was delicious! My roommate Liz introduced me to shrimp scampi earlier in the year so I really wanted to try this pizza. It is a new one that is going on my list of favorites!

Well now that I have written a book on my week recap I am headed to bed before another early wake up for work at 8am. I am working a double tomorrow; 8-5 at the camp ground and 5:3–8:30 at chequers! I hope to post again on Sunday so be on the lookout!


One thought on “It’s The Weekend And A Recap Of The Week!

  1. Hey Katherine! Thanks for the lovely comment— it absolutely made my day! It's so tough writing every day and not even knowing if anyone is reading what you're saying. that's too funny/weird about our whole md/nh connection. small world, right?! ;)it's so cool that you got to try calamari in mexico! id love to go there for sb next year!

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