What I did Wednesday

So a little delayed, but I got sidetracked when I got home last night and didn’t have time to post seeing as how I practically fell asleep on the couch! Yesterday was a great day! I started out by eating a bowl of yogurt burst cheerios, they are so good…seriously. I was still running on a high from finding out I got a 93.5 on my accounting test! It makes me feel good because to be honest I never scored that high on an accounting test in the first two accounting classes and those are the basic ones everyone has to take! So I feel like I am in the right place…at least for now, but my teacher said that was the easiest test. My next test is on Tuesday and I plan to study just as hard as I did for this one maybe even more!!

Moving on after I ate breakfast I decided I wanted to do a little shopping (and by shopping I mean run to target). I picked up a pack of twelve highlights, six different colors, for only $2.99! I was flying high to say the least, I am obsessed with highlighters when making study guides and getting my life organized. Each category must have its own color (its the same way on my iCal). I have been wanting a pedometer for a while too and everytime I go into Target I make an excuse not to get it, well today I went in knowing I needed to find it. I have been having trouble motivating myself and I really wanted to start running again. So I bought it and I plan to start running again once I move back home and am on a set schedule everyday. My brother started running cross country this year and is actually really good so I want to run with him (I won’t pace myself if I run alone) but he refuses to run with me because “I won’t be able to keep up, because I can’t run a seven minute mile” well Thomas not ever one can have really long legs and be a stick. Seriously the kid is 13 and is as tiny as can be, I guess he’s got a great metabolism because he never stops eating to, I am completely jealous.

Back to Target I also found Lunabars on sale and decided to pick a couple up, I put them in the freezer (seeing as how there is a heat wave, I didn’t want them to melt) and decided this would be my dessert when I am craving ice cream or something cold. Since I was already out and was getting hungry I decided to go to Panera. I haven’t been in FOREVER and I love it. It just feels fresh to me. I consumed a big chicken cesear salad to go and decided to treat myself to a brownie (the serving was not to big and also only 99 cents, what could be better?)! After lunch I continued to read the book I can’t get enough of. Emily Griffin’s “Something Borrowed”

I cannot get enough, I don’t know what it is. I find myself placing my bookmark a chapter ahead and racing to finish the chapter I am on, then repeating. It is SO good and I want to finish so I can go see the movie! I have seen this cover in the book store for a long time, then I noticed they were making a movie and decided I should read it. And I just watched the trailer when I went to find a link to it and now I want to see it even more!! Alright moving on, the rest of my day was spent babysitting. And not just babysitting children I don’t know but babysitting cousins. I spent 6 hours and 45 minutes babysitting cousins. Four of them. A two year old, a four year old, an almost 7 year old, and a 10 year old. 
At three I started babysitting the four year old. She loves strawberry coladas so I surprised her by picking one up before I got to her house. Dunkin Donuts makes kiddie sizes, I think that is absolutely the best thing on earth, because yes she can drink a small sized one, but no I did not want to pay for it. I mean I have to keep my priorities straight, I needed my large if I was going to make it through the rest of the day. The rest of our time together consisited of playing in the sweltering heat, but who knows maybe I sweat out all the calories I drank in that large coffee (sorry that was gross). We golfed in the driveway as I prayed no golfballs would fly into my car windows (its actually my moms car, my car has been in the shop for about a month, so that would be even worse) or a passerby car. That would have been awful. She rode around on some little kid toy in circles around me for a good ten minutes. Watched the baby birds with their mom and then I forced begged her to go back inside because I was to hot and I could already feel myself start burning. She also owns the cutest princess bike! Really though the whole time I was wishing their pool was open, unfortunately in the picture below you will see it was not. It was a sad day. 

Around 5:30 her younger brother came home. 
He is adorable I know, this would be my youngest cousin on both sides of my family. On my moms side he is the youngest of eleven grandchildren. My grandmother always says that people are shocked when she says she has eleven grandchildren, but it doesn’t seem that weird to me. She had four children, then her daughter (my mom) had four children, one son had two children, another son had two, and the last son had three. It seems completely normal to me when you look at it that way. If it was all one child with the eleven kids that would be crazy, I could never image having that many brothers and sisters (I will stick with three). Back to my cousin, he built this enormous train and then drove it all over the house until the pizza guy came with dinner.

We ate and while we were eating one of my other uncles came and dropped of their two kids. The reason for babysitting four of my cousins. It wasn’t bad I swear, I love these guys they are all great. It is tiring though, when 8:30pm hit and I was putting the youngest to bed I wanted to crawl in their two I was exhausted. If you are wondering if he actually went to bed at 8:30 the answer is no, he refused to go to bed until his dad got home…..at 9:45. To say the least I was tired last night and that is why I didn’t get to blog about my Wednesday. 
I just realized this post is extremely long and I want to apologize now, but at least you read the whole thing…..right?! Today I am off to a funeral (no one in my family just a very close family friend of my grandmother and her kids) as well as go to class later tonight. I also plan to drive all the way home tonight because I have plans to meet friends for lunch tomorrow before I head into work at 5:30 for hopefully a busy day at Chequers tomorrow!! I want to let you guys know (if there actually is anyone reading) that I am going to try to stay consistent with my blogging because that was one of my goals and I have not really done that. So try to look for posts about every two days. My life isn’t really interesting at this point so not much is going on, but I am trying to make that the most spread apart, who knows maybe you will even start to see daily, but I won’t make any promises. Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll leave you will some questions….
Is anyone else reading anything interesting? Or have you seen Something Borrowed?
I have two more books lined up for when I finish this and I cannot wait to get to the others. 
What were your goals of the summer? 
I posted about mine in an earlier post, but so far the only one that I have stayed completely true to is keeping my grades up and reading (which I just started so maybe I will start my other goals soon too.)
How do you stay motivated to go for a run, or do you have any tips for someone trying to get motivated?
In high school I played a sport all three seasons and it wasn’t an issue for me to exercise, but ever since going to college and I just cannot stay motivated and find reasons not to go to the gym (I mean it is pretty far away from my dorm….) <– catch my drift. And I was doing Jillian Michaels for a while, but then my back started to hurt, I took a break, and never went back 😦

One thought on “What I did Wednesday

  1. I read Something Borrowed (actually I've read all of Emily Giffin's books) and really liked it! I can't wait to see the movie! Right now I'm reading The Gastronomy of Marriage and I really like it 🙂

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