Okay so I know I am a day behind, but I can never seem to make it to the TV in time for 8 o’clock and who wants to come into a show half an hour in. Well I am currently watching HULU and Ashley is about to give out her roses. Heres how I look at it, mask guy you were creepy with your mask on and you are still mildly creepy, JP your adorable and I wouldn’t mind you for myself, William big mistake with the roasting you did of Ashley – you hit her hard, last but not least Bentley – you suck – I hate that he went on the show and then stayed and continued to say all of the things about Ashley that he did, although I do think she should have listened to the person who sent her a text, but what can you do.

I am obsessed with the bachelorette, bachelor, bachelor pad (even though it is so stupid). I do not know why I like these shows so much but after watching Trista’s season when she found Ryan I know how hope for all of these other contestants even though not everyone is going to end up like them.

Well that is all for now, sorry I have been MIA recently. I get so sidetracked and busy and don’t want to waste precious readers time with boring blog posts (this post is probably one of them). Its almost Wednesday!!!


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