Things I am loving

Well to center off my post of things I hate I was in a better mood today and decided I should share what I am loving.

I am loving the warm weather
I am loving taking my beach cruiser out for nice long bike rides
I am loving finishing a book and starting a new one (Something Borrowed)
I am loving that the rest stop on the mass pike right before the exit for I-84W has a Fresh City
I am loving the chicken cesear salad wrap I had at this Fresh City
I am also loving the coffee shake I treated myself too after this delicious wrap

I am currently in a fantastic mood other than the fact that my grandmother got a unfortunate phone call today that one of her closest friends has passed away. I have known this women since I was born and am sad to see her leave. I have grown up visiting the beach during our stays in CT and always being warmly greeted by this women and her family. She will surely be missed. As this weekend comes to a wrap I am thinking of all of the things I need to get done; homework, a haircut, find the perfect boat shoes, start getting Erin’s birthday present (she’s turning 21!), go to class, study, drive home, go to work, and then do it all over again. Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend and have a fun planned week ahead!


One thought on “Things I am loving

  1. Thanks for commenting on my blog! The granola is definitely easy and most of the ingredients might be in your pantry already =)I'm sooo sorry to hear about your grandmother's friend 😦

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