This just in….

its Wednesday. Where has the week gone already!? It seems like it was just Sunday, I think long weekends do that to ya. I am sorry to say I do not have any fun food things to post, I have been lagging in the experimenting and trying new things category. I am also working on making this blog look better so bear with me as I make these changes. I had my first BLT as work the other, did I mention I am mildly obsessed with them and with my discount it only cost like two bucks, you really can’t beat that!! I also started my new job on Friday night.

Chequers vs. Danforth Bay

My two work areas are COMPLETELY different. Chequers is a restaurant and Danforth Bay is a camping area. This is my 5th summer working for Danforth Bay. I have never worked in a restaurant before and I love it (at least for now) the atmosphere is great. It is always bustling and I prefer to be busy at a job, I am not a big fan of just sitting around. Although I feel like I have a lot more customer (or camper) interaction at Danforth Bay. Overall I enjoyed working this weekend at Chequers and I enjoy the people I worked with and I hope they enjoyed me. I have a lot to learn and I cannot wait!

On another note….what would a blog post be from me if I didn’t rant about accounting. I HAD MY FIRST TEST!! I think it went well, I am PRAYING it went well. I spent what felt like an eternity studying for this test so if I didn’t do well I will be upset. The majority of the test was longer answer questions which I love because I strive in those. I know my stuff for the most part so its easier for me to do it. Multiple choice is where I tend to loose a lot of points. I find myself second guessing and being very unsure at the end. Hopefully by next Tuesday we should have grades!

Other than that not much is going on here in Connecticut. I arrived back last night after my class and am unfortunately leaving again Friday morning. I have to work at Chequers Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights and at Danforth Bay Saturday and Sunday day. Should be exciting. Oh yeah and I guess there are tornado warnings all over the place at home. I thought tornados were not supposed to hit where the mountains are???

Happy Hump Day everyone!!


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