I got a NEW phone
I am taking a class at a NEW school
I got a NEW rear axle
I am NEWly employed

This week has been full of new things to do. On Monday I found out my car needed a new rear axle. That was a shocker because I thought my car was fine, as well as the new rear axle I found out it probably would only be around for another year before it broke down for good. So sad I have never had issues with it, but it is 12 years old. On Monday night my mom and I ordered my new phone. For the past year I have been taking my battery out of my phone twice a day because it freezes so often and won’t unfreeze. Because I am going abroad in the fall for three months I decided to get the Blackberry Bold which is a global phone so I will be able to keep in contact with people at home. Later today I shall go to a Verizon store and get it all set up. Tuesday morning I met with the owner of a local italian restaurant near my house. My family loves this restaurant and every Friday my dad gets dinner there. Every weekend starting Memorial Day Weekend I will travel home and work Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night as a hostess. I am extremely nervous about it, but I think it will be fine. My worst fear is messing up the seating and take out orders!! On Thursday (yesterday) I started my intermediate accounting class at a new school. I am living with my grandmother and taking this class at the University of Hartford. Its about a 45 minute drive away, but its very direct. There are 10 people in my class and only 4 of use are college aged students!! I couldn’t believe it I thought there would be more college students, but I was wrong. The teacher is extremely nice and easy to follow. He does love to draw arrows on the board which is something my past accounting teacher did and it drove me nuts because I could never follow what went with what. I found out that for one week of sitting in this class it would be two and a half weeks sitting in the class during a normal semester. Seems crazy, but I think this will be a good way for me to learn how to study when I need to because I have so much free time right now. Other than that nothing is going on. My great uncle is turning 70 on Monday and I think my grandmother and I will make him a cake, can’t wait to use one of the recipes I’ve found on other blogs! I also have some other blog posts to update such as a cheesecake, funfetti cake, and scones!! TGIF everyone!


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