goals for the first six weeks of summer!

I have decided that I need to make a list of goals for myself. Since I do not have a job for the first six weeks of summer and I am still looking for a nighttime job for the remainder of the summer I decided to put my unending free time somewhere else (or somewhere productive).


1. Make a t-shirt quilt
2. Start scrapbooking again
3. Make sure my grades are up to par
4. Blog more
5. Bake more
6. Read more (Any recommendations? I currently have Something Borrowed and The Help sitting in my bookshelf just waiting to be read)
7. Enjoy the time I have with my grandmother while I am living with her
8. Start training for a 5k (When I will run one is beyond me, but if I start training maybe I will find one)
9. Start researching all the fun places I can visit while I am abroad
10. Take lots of naps

Well those are my goals and I am hoping I can continue to strive with these goals. I will keep you all updated on my t-shirt quilt that is my first priority! I already have all the shirts picked out, now I just need to get backing and start sewing!


One thought on “goals for the first six weeks of summer!

  1. you HAVE to read the something borrowed series. All of em. I did the summer before college and could not put them down. Now that the movie is coming out I think you must get through them before you see the first. However, only the first two are related.

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