another year comes to an end

Well I am currently back home in NH, but unfortunately only for a short period of time. On Tuesday I will head back to CT and on Thursday my summer class starts. I am so not in the mood for school, but I believe it is better to have this class start now rather than in two months when I am completely NOT in the mood for school. Alright so for now I will recap a little from this year seeing as how so much has happened!

Attended my first ever retreat!                  

We got a picture with the greyhound!

I went cliff jumping

We threw Annie a surprise party for her 20th birthday!

We attended a bake-off and made peppermint brownies

Created a resume, decided my major, and applied to study abroad. I also dressed as a cat for halloween

We celebrated Liz’s birthday with piña cooladas and a night out


I did a trust fall and went on a zip line


I grew my hair out….and then got it cut

I ate crab and went bowling

All of the cousins were together at Thanksgiving…

except Molly refused to be in a picture

Everyone attended Lessons and Carols and we had to sit in the back

I met Annie, Liz, Kelly, and Brittney in Boston for New Years

 Liz came to NH and I taught her how to ski!

I went on Roadtrip hosted by Sophomore Initiatives and met a lot of great people (This is also when I found out I got into my study abroad program)

started this blog and then I turned 20 and had my first surprise party! 

Nora also turned 20! 

I went ice skating and to the melting pot!!

I went to Mexico with my family!

We had snow days!

I went on my first OAE trip, backpacking with Liz and Brendan and it was actually a lot of fun!!

Easter happened and it was great! School came to an end and i celebrated my cousins 16th birthday. Threw erin a surprise party, played WAY to many games of bananagrams and wore a jean jacket!

And now summer is starting….just kidding….my summer class is starting. As well as me trying to find a night job and slowly failing. And my car is slowing break…aka I need a new rear axle that is going to put me in even more debt than I am already in. Summer please come soon!!


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