I am currently laying in my bed, realizing I haven’t blogged in a couple of days and thinking I should. The last time I blogged was Monday (okay so not too long ago) but since monday many things have happened. First I’ll start off by talking about yesterdays end of the year party. This year I chose to live on a special interest hall and it was probably one of the best decisions of my life. Really though, I’m not lying. I’ve met the best people ever and some of my closest friends. So because I lived on this awesome floor they threw us a party, only at one of my favorite Baltimore classic restaurants, Miss Shirleys! At Miss Shirleys we first enjoyed a salad, then a meal, then desert. I was craving a brownie sundae and I got basically what I wanted. Brownies without the ice cream, its okay because to be completely honest, I don’t need to be eating all the ice cream I recently have been eating. For dinner I got the salmon, I LOVE salmon, and it I could I would convert everyone in the world to salmon lovers.

Before we arrived though, my roommates and I played three rounds of bananagrams. If you have never played I suggest you run out to the store right now and find someone to play with. Its fun and educational! 

After we played bananagrams we all got ready, after getting ready we decided it would be a fantastic time to play around with photobooth. I don’t know why, but every once and a while if feels good to be immature and take stupid pictures. Here are just a few for you to guess how the rest of them came out:

Once we got to Miss Shirleys there was a lot of picture taking, a lot of talking and story telling, and then after dinner and a slideshow A LOT OF DANCING! 

So before I decided to end my night with a blog post I had been studying all day. Trying to cram in as much managerial accounting and financial management into my brain as possible before my 9am accounting final and my 1pm finance final. Tomorrow I plan to wake up bright and early to get in a little bit of extra studying. I have a tendency to over study sometimes, but I am afraid of understudying at the same time. Oh well we shall see how these finals go!

2 thoughts on “finals

  1. i LOVE salmon. Labor day weekend I had all of my girlfriends over and I made a lemon and dill tzatziki grilled salmon. I think this my hands down favorite way to prepare salmon.That salmon that you ordered looks delish though!!

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