Well this weekend went by in a flash and now all that stands in my way of the next weekend is 5 classes, 1 end of the year banquet, 1 study day, 2 shifts at work, and 4 finals. Well until that is over I will be studying my BUTT off for these finals. I am hoping they don’t kick my butt tooo much.

So this weekend my sister, my friend Sara, and myself went to the movies. We saw Water For Elephants, which I have been dying to see. I am mildly obsessed with Reese Witherspoon. I haven’t read the book so I think I enjoyed it a lot more than Sara did because she had read the book. I didn’t know what was coming and when it was coming so it left me more in suspense. It also had some slow points, but it was decent.

On Sunday my sister, mom, and roommate Annie packed up my moms car, FULL of stuff from my room. Literally there is nothing in my room, its sad, but so exciting at the same time. I cannot wait for this school year to be over. It just seems like there is better stuff to come. On May 12th I will pack up the rest of my stuff into my little car and head home for the year. Seems crazy that it is here already.

After we packed up the car, my roommates and I made pancakes, had breakfast. After breakfast we headed to Loyolapalooza. It was sprinkling out so I was pleased with my decision to bring my rain jacket. The line for food was to long and Erin decided to wait in it (in my opinion a mistake – she waited for at least an hour). After we hit up the dip and dots table, the dunkin donuts table, the popcorn table, the snocone/cotton candy table, the brisk iced tea table, and four more times the dunkin donuts table Liz, Mary, Annie and I decided to head back to our room. We sat down to finish watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 (we fell asleep watching it last night). By the time the movie was over it was time for the concert (Matt and Kim), but it was pouring out. I don’t like the rain and it didn’t seem like an option to leave my room. So Liz made dinner and ate together. We had spiral pasta in a rose sauce with steamed broccoli….it was delicious I love when she makes it. After that it was unfortunately time for homework. This is the worst part of the semester when everything seems to pile up. And I attended my last desk assistant scheduling meeting for this year and until spring semester next year!

Now I am currently sitting at work, I have been here for 2 and a half hours and I have an hour and a half left. After this I have a busy day; meeting with a teacher at 1, class at 2, class at 4:30, dinner, then writing a paper. Oh and its finally May!

Enjoy your week!


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