why am i up so early?!

Because I have my final pre-departure meeting for studying abroad….wahoooo. So my mom and my sister drove down yesterday after school to attend the meeting and get all the necessary details. My sister will stay with me after the meeting to help me pack up my room, make a cheesecake (yum), go to the movies and just have fun (she doesn’t think its going to be fun, I don’t know what her idea of fun is). Tomorrow my mom will pick my sister up in the morning and pack up most of my room into their car and drive the 10 hours back to NH (in two weeks I will have to be doing this same brutal drive). Okay onto the good stuff. TWO SURPRISE BIRTHDAY PARTIES IN TWO DAYS!!

Birthday #1: My cousins 16th birthday
-Arrived at the bowling ally around 5:45pm, he arrived around 6pm!

– Bad picture, but you get the point he was surprised as well as confused. Perfect exactly what you want at a surprise party.
– For the rest of the night I bowled with my two younger cousins, and my uncle. My grandmothers shoulder was hurt so she couldn’t up a ball (I think she just didn’t want to loose ;)..)


– I played my uncle in a game where we bet twenty dollars goes to the winner. I was winning the entire game and had won, until he got a spare and got to go again. He then beat me by 1….I mean ONE pin. It was horrible. I am never going to pay up though…hahaha
– By 8:30 it was time to go and I said my goodbyes to my newly 16 year old cousin!
Birthday #2: Erin’s almost 21st birthday!
I’ll post about this in the next post! Hopefully later tonight, have a great day and do something fun!

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